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Book Review: Crochet Refresher ~ Brush Up on Your Skills with Baby gifts! by Sharon H. Silverman

If you are a former crocheter with a special baby on its way into your life, it is only logical that you have become inspired to make a lasting treasure for that baby. This book has everything you need to refresh your skills and to present something special on the blessed day!

Crochet is Hanging Over My Head!

Crochet is my life; it is how I define myself. I am a Gemini, okay, so do give me credit for having a "life."
I really hate to admit that there could be anything negative about the crochet about which I am so passionate.

I am not stranger to having 3 or 4 projects going at one time. There's usually the complicated one that takes concentration. There is the one that is repetitive and is good for just keeping the hands busy in front of daily tv sessions; and there is the "traveling project" kept in the car for using those moments as they appear to stitch a row or two with no deadline to get the project finished. So, why oh why, am I feeling such pressure? Let's explore....