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I Had to Work All Weekend!

Monday, August 29, 2011
Most people who talk about having to work the weekend conclude a huge groooan! Not me, no complaints! Lucky me, in my work this weekend I was surrounded by crocheters, eager crochet students, yarn, hooks and patterns plus lots of inspiration that will sustain me for months to come!

You guessed it, I am talking about the Stitches Midwest event sponsored by XRX and held in Schaumburg from Thursday to Sunday. I taught 4 crochet classes in the Market Sessions Irish Crochet on Steroids!

Basic Bead-Crochet Scissor Fob

No-Rules Crochet: Freeform Method

The Posh Post Stitch
In honor of the crochet classes being offered, I yarn-bombed a rock in my local park on Tuesday before it all got started to celebrate!
Yarn bombing beautifies our environment rather than destroying it!

I was among a small but esteemed group of crochet teachers offering classes: Edie Eckman and Ginger Smith.

Boy, was I impressed by my students! They were enthusiastic learners and a lot of fun. What nice…

Hunting and Gathering

Friday August 19, 2011
I find it extremely rewarding to begin the "hunting and gathering" process when I ready to begin a new pattern or design. It begins with the most important part: considering the required gauge of the project/yarn. Then, I begin to decide color and that narrows the search to a reasonable degree. From there it involves pawing through the various recptacles where I store my yarn.

My yarn is confined to one room, except for that which is in the trunk of my car! Now, now before you jump to conclusions, in my trunk is my car is my traveling stash for my weekly teaching sessions. It is not yarn I would call on for any special projects. Oh yeah, and there is the yarn in the basement, but that is of the rug yarn variety, practically impervious to weather, sun and rain, that I use for yarn bombing.

I store the majority of my yarn in creative ways, interesting baskets and wooden receptables. From there I have hanging storage units and even some plastic bins wit…

The Amazing Needle

Tuesday August 9, 2011
There's a yarn shop somewhere called "The Amazing Needle" and there is a crochet tool by the same name. IHere, I focus on that delicate little piece of steel used for sewing!

While finishing up my Chapter Challenge embellishment last week, I spent quite a bit of time sewing. As my needle poked in and out, securing necessary parts at necessary points, I pondered the usefulness of this little tool that is so simple yet so handy. Its sparkle makes me happy and I enjoy the rhythm as I whip stitch things securely into place. The needle with exactly matching thread can work miracles when repairing old lace too!

My mother was an expert seamstress with the machine, but I never measured up in that department. I do think I weild a needle pretty well, though, and I am proud of how my simple little needle influences my crochet work to go places that it couldn't go on its own!

For now, I must keep my Chapter Challenge piece a secret, but when I unveil it …

The Segments of My Cro-Mind

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
We've just welcomed our second grandchild, a boy, into the world and I spent the last ten days helping out new mommy and "big sister" who is twenty months old!

Hi...My name is Jack!

Big Sis: Chloe

So, on July 22 we headed off for Indianapolis soon after Nicole checked into the hospital. It was her due date and she was ready! I had packed a shopping bag full of random crochet projects. My new mantra is to work only on original designs that come out of my head and to stop wasting time making cute things by following patterns.

Trouble is, the creative, DIY segment of my head gets a little nervous and I always feel like I need a back-up plan/pattern if something goes awry with my original design. Nothing worse than being stuck in the car with no crochet as distraction! My mind also thinks that it is more difficult to "do my own thing." and I tend to procrastinate. Once I start, usually after an idea pops in the shower, I realize it is just st…