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"The first known inhabitants of Ajijic were probably nomadic indigenous tribes, drawn to the area by the abundant fish. The Spanish arrived in 1523 or 1524 and found a village named AXIXIC, 'The place where water splashes.' They built a church that was finished in 1539. Tourism started in the late 19th century. Ajijic became an artist colony in the 1940s and attracted artists of many disciplines as well as some 'Hollywood' types. Prosperity, fueled by retiring 'baby boomers' is in full swing. New businesses flourish side by side with well established ones for the benefit and enjoyment of the entire area. Hotels, restaurants and galleries cater to international tourists and ex-patriots as well as style-savvy Mexicans. All come to enjoy the great climate, beautiful sunsets and friendly inhabitants."("Ajijic Centro", brochure, author unknown)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 Our flight from Chicago, through Dallas to Guadalajara was uneventful. It t…