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No Shenanigans at Chetnanigans!

While browsing the 2017 Marketplace at the Chain Link Crochet Conference in Chicago, I approached an interesting booth, but told myself that I didn’t need any more crochet hooks or a hook holder! The name of the business,CHETnanigans, caught my eye and I had to step into the booth to know more about the name. I must admit that I didn’t get it at first; and as I was about to ask, it clicked! I realized these vendors had come up with a fantastic play on words. (Cro)-Chetnanigans! The name was the reason I fell in love with the business; and I wanted to make a purchase whether I needed anything or not, in order to support their clever approach to marketing! Sean and Holly are also lovely, friendly people and I really like people with a sense of humor. I wanted to learn more and I hope you'll enjoy my interview with them!

CGOA/Jean Leinhauser Hall of Fame

Voting is now open for CGOA members to elect the 2018 Hall of Fame Inductee. Your Hall of Fame Committee has worked hard this year, doing research and picking 4 very exciting pioneers from the world of crochet to offer up for the members' final decision as to who we will induct. Induction will take place at the Chain Link Crochet Conference, this year it is in Portland Oregon July 26-29, 2018.

Initiated in 2010 under the leadership of board member Cari Clement, the CGOA Hall of Fame strives to reward and show appreciation for those who have made lasting contributions to the world of crochet. The Purpose of the Committee is as follows:  
·To further the mission of CGOA: “The purpose of the Crochet Guild of America shall be to create an environment which provides education, networking resources, and a national standard for the quality, art, and skill of crochet through creative endeavors, and to preserve the heritage of crochet.”·To add to the substance and richness of our CGOA taglin…

Book Review: Crochet Kaleidoscope by Sandra Eng

The sub-title of this new book by Sandra Eng, Shifting Shapes and Shades across 100 Motifs, caught my attention! While reading her bio, I found that she is a color enthusiast and a practicing psychologist who is a proponent  of the therapeutic benefits of crochet and other fiber arts. To me, anyone who can live through the brutal winters of Minneapolis and still create such a colorful array of motifs like these has got to be a hearty spirit! For all these reasons, I heartily recommend this book!

Wrapped in Yarn-Libertyville: Coloring Day

Last week, when I was alerted about a new kind of "yarn bombing" taking place in Libertyville, Illinois, I was sure my good friend, Susan Lutz Kenyon and her Crocheters of the Lakes chapter of the Crochet Guild of America were behind it. Susan is a charter CGOA member and has been a loyal member since 1994. Her contributions, both nationally and locally, are too numerous to mention her but very much appreciated.

I was right about Susan's involvement. She and several chapter members were involved in installing their crochet squares on the trees and other members contributed many squares. Proud as I am of everything CGOA and its members do; it is always exciting to me when outside entities decide to focus on crochet for for a good cause, recognizing its beauty and versatility! In this case the town of Libertyville wanted something eye-catching to promote their Fine Arts Month in March. Two women, both named Beth, were the coordinators.