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The Best Gift is the Giving!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013Happy New Year to all my followers and all my Best Wishes to you for a happy, prosperous and productive 2013!Today is a day for reflecting only fleetingly on the past year and more importantly, on what's to come in the New Year. There are many joys during the holidays, getting together with family among the most important. Happily, we had the entire immediate family at our house this year. As the grandchildren grow so quickly, it is important to make the most of that opportunity. Soon they will want to stay home and enjoy Christmas morning in their own house. I still, all these years later, remember the first time we decided to go to Grandma and Grandpa's houses (two sets of grandparents in one state) for Christmas with the kids. We lived in South Florida and made the trek to Indiana with the kids, dog and gifts in tow. As I recall, the girls were young enough that we were able to hide Santa's gifts fairly easily. I don't remember all the deta…