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Bon Journo! We arrived in Milan Wednesday, May 14, 2008 after an uneventful flight about 1 PM and found Nicole and Jeff waiting for us. They had already decided the train would take too long and had rented a car to drive us to Rapallo. With Jeff driving it took about two hours. We were anxious to be with Ryan and Beth who had arrived 3 days earlier, but the hair-raising curves overlooking the Ligurian Sea made me want to slow down! Jeff said my nerves rivaled his mother, Jane’s! In Rapallo, we found Ryan and Beth coming back from the beach with Sandy (MOG) and brother Steven. They were red and freckled from the sun and looking great and happy! We had now been awake for over 24 hours except for a couple hours of sleep on the plane, but we were determined to keep ourselves awake until 9:00 PM so we could adjust to the 7-hour time difference by tomorrow. Our hotel, Vesuvio, is directly across the street from the Ligurian Sea and could not be more scenic. It’s bustling along the restauran…


I started Jane's afghan, using 5 colors of Plymouth Encore yarn, on Dec. 5, 2007 and finished it on May 13, 2008. Read on for the whole story.....

November 12, 2007
'Long about November 10, my daughter, Nicole, asked me if I could make an afghan as a CHRISTMAS surprise for her mother in -law, Jane! My first reactions was, "Yot got to be kidding!" Then I said, "I would rather teach YOU how to make it." She poo-pooed this idea and has no interest in learning to crochet let alone a pressure cooker job like this before Christmas! So of course, being the loving mom that I am I told her I would make an attempt at getting a good start on the afghan, but there was no way I could get it finished by Christmas. Even if I had idle time for sipping tea and enjoying bon-bons, I would have carpal tunnel before I got it done for Christmas! So, I agreed and began the thought process as to what I would make and how would I get it done in any reasonable amount of time.