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New Year, New Life

I rarely go so long without blogging and I don't like to use the excuse "Life got in the way." So suffice it to say, I am back!

My goal on this blog has always been to express the connection of crochet to my everyday life. It is such an important part of my being or my identity; and I like to point out the many "hooks and connections" that influence how I live.

On December 19, my husband and I made our 3rd move since June 2013! We experienced the ying and yang of suburban Chicago vs. the city of Chicago for 16 months. Being a "city girl," I yearned to live in the city and soak it all in.

This little dream of mine was an overwhelmingly positive experience. We walked and walked, we viewed the city from the treetops while riding the "El" or the Metra. We enjoyed outdoor dining during Spring, Summer & Fall at the myriad of multi-ethnic restaurants within reach. We wandered to street fests and art galleries along with any other intriguing pla…