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January 5, 2008 Alan and I were leaving Panera after a delicious soup and sandwich when I spotted a former Beginning Crochet student from Continuing Ed. I went over to her and said, "Hi Miss Crocheter." (Sadly, I couldn't remember her name, as it had been a year at least since she took the class). She was so happy to see me and exclaimed loudly, "We were just talking about you" as she gave me a big hug!! Then she called across the room to her daughter, who had also taken the class and pointed to me and said, "Look who'es here!" The daughter came quickly my way and also hugged me. At this point my cheeks got all flushed and I was embarrased, but I DID feel like the ROCK STAR of Crochet! It feels really good to get that kind of validation and I interpret it to mean that they enjoyed the class, learned alot and think highly of me as a teacher. Alan, who I usually think of as objective, said that the camaraderie was obvious as well as the appreciation…