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Crochet Can Be Dangerous!

If you've never thought of crochet as anything but a "gentle" art, beware of crochet overload! It could cause your head to explode. Let me explain.....Last week I was in the thread aisle at JoAnn looking for the required #3 size thread for our bead tapestry crochet lesson. I noticed a lady picking out the same thread I needed and the quantities of colors were limited, so I politely hung there to let her pick what she wanted, slightly worried that there would be nothing left for me. Because #3 thread is not commonly used, I decided to ask her if she was getting supplies for the Crochet Guild meeting. She looked at me strangely as if she was trying to absorb what I was talking about. It turns out that English is the second language of this nice polish lady in her seventies. When she absorbed the activities at a guild meeting that I described, she seemed interested. I gave her our guild card and drew a small map so she could find her way to the meeting. She actually lives i…