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Ginny, Barbie, American Girl: Influences Through the Generations

My dear crochet friend, Dee Stanziano ( started a lively chat this week about her experience with her "Barbie" doll and how "she" was the inspiration for many creative hours of crocheting for Dee. BJ responded passionately about how she is "anti-Barbie" as a feminist who worked hard to climb up the ladder of success. BJ doesn't like the Marisol dressed in crochet, 2005 image projected by Barbie about women.

As a feminst mom myself, I didn't allow my girls to have Barbie's. I even refused to get caught up in that 80's marketing ploy for the "Cabbage Patch" dolls. I refused to stand in line and pay that kind of money. To this day, my girls tease me about how they were traumatized by not having an "official" Cabbage Patch Kid. (I bought the plastic heads and made the bodies myself!)Finally, I did break down and give in and buy them each a Cabbage Patch baby, but by then there were no lines to stand i…