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Keeping Fit with Crochet

Monday, June 6, 2011
Friends, Rita and Debbie, get together with me every once in a while for breakfast and catch-up. They are both uber-athletic and I was honored that they invited me to join them for a bike ride in Busse Woods before our meet-up last week at Wildberry Pancakes!

It was a picture-perfect day, cool and sunny, and we biked 9.8 miles. That's a lot for me, but I did it! It felt great!

Rita is an art therapist and she donates her time and skills to offering art experiences for children. Our conversations led her to invite me to teach crochet to her children this summer.

Feeling a little guilty, I also went off on an adventure to Forest Park to "take advantage" of the going-out-of-business sale at Chicks with Stix yarn store. None of my crochet pals were available so I had to go it alone. Everything was 35% off, but the sale had been going on a while, so there really wasn't much left. I felt like I lucked out because I got enough yarn for a sweater I want …