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Book Review: Crochet Pink ~ 26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude & Charity by Janet Rehfeldt

January 31, 2014
Crochet Pink: 26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude and Charity by Janet Rehfeldt

I am honored to have been asked to review Janet’s book because its concept touches a common thread that we share. In another life, I was a registered nurse and I specialized in public health and patient education. For this reason, I am particularly interested in anything that pairs health and crochet. I also believe that the three words used in the title, “comfort, gratitude and charity,” are words that most crocheters relate to. Crochet brings us comfort; we show gratitude to the special person that taught us how; and we believe in sharing our talents by crocheting for the many charitable organizations that appreciate our beautiful contributions!
The twenty-six accessories in Crochet Pink are meant to be treasures for loved ones going through breast cancer and to be given as a show of support. Each project is done in a different shade of pink, the breast cancer awareness color; and…

We Have a Winner: Crochet Wraps!

January 23, 2014
Thank you for the many wonderful comments and the interest in Tammy's book, Crochet Wraps Every Which Way!

From all the entries, I generated a random winner and drumroll, drumroll...Sunwyn is the winner! Congratulations, Sunwyn, and I will contact you to get your info so I can get the book on its way to you soon!

Book Review/Give-Away: Crochet Wraps Every Which Way by Tammy Hildebrand

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
As Founder of the Crochet Guild of America, I have been privileged over the last twenty years to meet talented and inspiring crocheters and designers like Tammy Hildebrand. I am honored to be a part of her blog tour and I heartily recommend her new book! Please enjoy exploring around my blog and at the many books I've reviewed. While you're at it take a look at my new book, The Fine Art of Crochet..
Crochet Wraps Every Which Way by Tammy Hildebrand

Tammy’s new addition to her long list of design accomplishments is so much more that the eighteen shawl patterns within this book. She encourages every crocheter to be the best they can be in a supportive way that gives us all courage to try anything, even the scariest of techniques we thought we could never master! When reading the introduction, one feels that Tammy is sitting nearby, cheering us on to success! Her down-to-earth approach in the Tips and Hints section is like having a crochet friend next doo…

Ten Favorite Scarves of 2013

Tuesday, January 14, 2013
Not that I am wanting to recall the bitter chill of last week here in Chicago (17 below, 45 below windchill) and around the nation, but it did get me looking back.

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling just a bit chilly inside, the addition of a scarf or cowl warms your entire body? It might be the colorful yarn, the fuzzy feel or the thought of the talented hands that made the scarf, but they seem to warm the soul as well as the body!

Here's a look back at my ten favorite scarves/cowls this year. I've included links so you can make them too!

1) Gwyneth Cable Cowl
Unique cables add a fashionable touch to office wear.

2) Chunky Tweed Cowl
 Encircled in warmth, you'll also make a fashion statement!

3) Ringo Neckwarmer
The colors of fall "encircle" you with warmth!

1) As You Like It Cowl
Lightweight and playful as you come out of the cocoon of winter!

3) Elise Shawl
Perfect addition to an outfit for the cool spring evenings…

What is Free Form Crochet?

Monday, January 6, 2014
This topic came about from the title of my article recently in Fiber Art Now magazine.  "Crochet As Art: A Conversation with 5 Free-Form Crochet Artists." Yes, the 5 artists I wrote about, all of which are in  my book The Fine Art of Crochet, are free-thinking when it comes to their creativity. They are free-wheeling with the hook and use unique fibers in many cases. Once you read the article, tell me what  you think? Are these artists doing free-form crochet?

In order to define free-form crochet, we must look way, way back to it's origins: Irish crochet. A brief history of crochet, including the Irish method, written by Ruthie Marks is available through The Crochet Guild of America. Unfortunately, there are no images on the site. On her blog, Nancy Nehring has a beautiful montage of Irish Crochet in reference to a class she taught in 2013 at Lacis. I wrote an article in Old Time Crochet Magazine (Spring 1998), "History of Irish Crochet,"…

We Have a Winner!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

I'm please to announce that the winner of a copy of my book, The Fine Art of Crochet, is Sara!
Congratulations and I will get your copy mailed to you as soon as I can get thawed out of this deep freeze we are experiencing!

Fiber Art Now Magazine

Thursday, January 2, 2013

 In 2011, Marcia Young parlayed her passion for fiber into the challenge of filling the vacuum left by the demise of Fiberarts Magazine. With Interweave Press' decision to stop publishing Fiberarts, a long-standing and excellent publication, we were left with a very sad void.

Marcia created a new and exciting product, Fiber Art Now magazine.  I'd say, clearly she has accomplished her goal: "We connect and inspire the contemporary fiber arts and textiles community by featuring the most compelling work, ideas, and craftsmanship in all of our endeavors."

I am honored to have been asked to write an article for the current (Winter 2013)issue. I wrote about my conversation with 5 of the artists, chosen by Marcia, from my book, The Fine Art of CrochetIt was a great holiday present when the magazine arrived with my  article the day after Christmas!

The magazine, in general, is filled with rich color images, interesting and unique layout and awe-in…

Happy New Year ~ 2014!

Wednesday, December 31, 2013 My sincere wishes for a healthy, happy and fiber-filled 2014 go out today to my blog readers. Your presence here with me, along with your complimentary posts, is very much appreciated.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday no matter how you choose to celebrate. It is my wish that you felt great joy from gifting lovely crochet items that you created yourself and that, at the same time, you received some wonderful crochet gifts from dear friends! If not, you surely found some comfort and relaxation from a few stolen minutes of crocheting in a cozy spot.

In order to show my gratitude, I am gifting a copy of my newest book, The Fine Art of Crochet.
Here's how you can enter to win:

1) Click "follow" here on the blog between now and January 2 at midnight.
2) If you are already a follower, "like" my fan page on Ravelry, Cro-Kween Designs.

Remember, Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so even if you are not the winner of my book, y…