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Crochet is my Bliss

Monday, July 18, 2011
Ya know how sometimes a word whose complete meaning you're not sure of pops into your head just when you need to use it? I knew "bliss" was the right choice for today's post, but had to look it up just to be sure before sending this message out into cyber-space! "Complete happiness, paradise, heaven": Yep these words fit the bill and describe what my crochet means to me.

Most days crochet engages me in conversations with others. Today while being tested for allergies, I was asked what my job is. Designer/author; it led to conversation about patience, beauty bedspreads in fine thread and my favorite thing to crochet. I told the nurse that crochet art and covering rocks in crochet pique my interest. When I told her that I also covered a frying pan in wire crochet, her reaction was less surprise and more awe that I would have the patience for such things!

"Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire!"

She also asked if I could think abo…

Crochet Touches My Heart!

Monday, July 11, 2011
Who knew that a warm fuzzy feeling about crochet is possible on trip to Home Depot! A chat with Tanya McGuire at Midwest Folk & Fiber Art Fair led to warm fuzzy feelings in her glorious flameworked beads booth! But that's to be expected at such a place! She and I talked about her upcoming booth at Stitches Midwest and I admired one of her crocheted bracelets. All well and good; what does this have to do with Home Depot?

Tanya's bracelet requires plastic tubing and dear hubby didn't have the right size in his garage storage bins! So, off I went to the Depot to find just the right tubing. The young and handsome clerk that showed me the various sizes of tubing ask what I was going to do with it. I told him I was making a bracelet and covering the tubing with crochet.

His first comment was to ask if I had seen the story on CNN about yarn grafitti.
When I told him that I do that myself, he was impressed. I told him about the lion's tail I covere…

The State of Things

Friday, July 1, 2011
It is always a little intimidating to get back to blogging after letting it lapse like I have for the last 3 weeks or so. This relaxing holiday weekend seems like the right time to sit down, contemplate these past weeks and write about the "state of things" (crochet)

With crocheting, with volunteering, with most anything we like to do, we often say "real life" (RL) gets in the way. I've always refused to let anything get in the way of my crochet, because even if if I was in the hospital, I think I would find a way to be able to crochet some. For sure in doctor's offices, baseball fields, in the dark on a car ride, etc, etc, I CAN CROCHET!

Some may think that R L has gotten in my way these last few weeks. Well, yes it has, but I have not stopped crocheting. Crocheting sustains me; crocheting allows me to drift away for short periods of relaxation.

My husband has a degenerative disease which is affecting his ability to talk. It is a very …