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Book Review: Crochet Refresher ~ Brush Up on Your Skills with Baby gifts! by Sharon H. Silverman

Crochet Refresher ~ Brush Up on Your Skills with Baby Gifts!

If you are a former crocheter with a special baby on its way into your life, it is only logical that you have become inspired to make a lasting treasure for that baby. This book has everything you need to refresh your skills and to present something special on the blessed day!

Beautifully photographed with precise diagrams reviewing basic stitches, this book offers 8 projects that look more sophisticated than would be expected in an “easy” skill level pattern. Sharon has used her intelligent crochet skills coupled with her creativity to bring the reader patterns that will become family heirlooms.

Also of interest are the video tutorials that are offered online by the publisher, Leisure Arts. Throughout each pattern, a video icon indicates when to go online if a little extra help is needed for a particular stitch. Yarns for the projects are listed generically, but there is a complete list of the actual yarns used in the photographs and they are all readily available. Also very useful is the inclusion of both left- and right-hand views.

Crochet Refresher is available from Leisure Arts and retails for $7.99. If you are feeling lucky enter the Leisure Arts giveaway!


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National Crochet Month: A Fibery Celebration!

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What did you do to celebrate? I'm sure we educated many, many of the unenlightened during March ~ but calm down, physical violence allowed; just threaten with a crochet hook!

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