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Celebrating Five Years of Rambling

October 10, 2012 I've only just realized that it has been five years since I started blogging. I remember so clearly because my blog started as a way to journal during a fabulous trip I took with my husband, Alan, for his work to Chile, Argentina and Uruguay in May 2007. at the time, I called my blog "Chile-Argentina Dreams" because it was truly a dream trip for me! If you'd like to read the whole story on that blog, cut & paste this:;postID=2005703797218376963 It was right around the time of my 60th birthday so it's easy to remember. But even more memorable, the day before we left, Alan brought home a BMW 325i for my birthday gift! (I thought the trip was my gift!) Now granted, he got the car on Craig's List and it was 4 years old. But who cares...I had admired that car since the 70s when I worked with a young lady who drove on. I alwasy thought hers was cute and admired it…