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"Covid Crochet" ~ Threads of Compassion

My husband, Alan, died 4 years ago on July 1, 2016 from a rare brain disease called  Corticobasal Degeneration. He was in a research study at Mayo Clinic in Cooperation with his doctor at Rush, Chicago. Consequently, he decided to donate his brain to the research upon his death. I think of him as a courageous hero!

The Chief of Pathology at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida, worked closely with the local pathologist to preserve his brain within twenty-four hours of his death. Participating with Mayo made Alan's courageous donation helped me see it less as a sacrifice and more like hope that the many fine doctors working for a cure to this dreadful disease will have success sooner because of many patients' contributions.

After his death, I heard about the Indiana Donor Network (IDN) through my CGOA Guild chapter. Bonnie, who lost her son, volunteers there and told me about the program. IDN provides shawls to comfort grieving families who have lost, and in-turn, given so someo…
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Top10 Ideas for Self-Care During Covid-19 Quarantine

I've been relatively content since my self-imposed isolation started on March 11, 2020. That's not to say that I haven't had some moments of anxiety, worry, frustration, or fear of boredom (but only
fear.)  I am trying my best to stay well-informed by listening to only reputable sources: my Indiana State Department of Health and the CDC. I highly respect Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx; and usually watch the re-caps of their reports rather than the whole Daily Virus Briefing.

However, I have heard some stories of others having struggles with this catastrophic event in our lives which is highly unusual and highly incomprehensible! If you are the parent in a household, the caretaker for a family member, or a single person living alone, it is essential that you take some time to care for yourself to restore your strength and energy!  I want to share some ideas for Self-Care that I have used, as well as others I have heard are helpful.

How Are You Doing?

Today sunshine gave me a boost of positivity; and I want to share it with you! Please tell me how you are doing during this difficult Corona virus-time for our nation and our psyche. Of course, those of us who crochet or craft have that to keep us sane. What are some other good ideas you've heard about or done yourself? I'd love to hear from you.

Except for 3 regularly scheduled activities, ladies' lunches and time with my grandchildren, online friends, life hasn't changed much for me. Hmm, uh; well maybe it has changed quite a bit. I am pretty much a homebody and usually content to stay home and crochet, create and read! I am rarely bored because I have a lifelong list of T0-Do crochet projects that will last me an eternity!

During this seemingly very odd crisis, I have decided that crochet and television can wait until evening; and I am determined to do some projects that I have been putting off, some for years. When Chloe was two, I found this book, Grandmother Reme…

COVID 19-Free Holiday

I have decided to take a break today from the influx of every changing information about the virus called "Corona" that is sweeping our nation and creating fear and even panic in otherwise mostly well-informed people. Today marks Day 12 since I decided to self-quarantine in my home. I have only been out to take daily walks walk in my neighborhood daily; and yesterday I took a car ride in  to no where in particular!

I am determined to think of only positive things. Tomorrow, I will be refreshed and ready to go back into battle to do the best for me and my family during this crisis of unknown quantity for our nation and the world!

I have been playing Kenny Rogers music all day to honor him. His death may not seems positive to you, but after all, he has gotten us through good times and bad for years with his talents and songs. Bless his heart!

During this time I have been cooking and baking up a storm! So far it is more fun when all I have is time. Also, it can be an interesti…

Crochet Makes the Day Better

I feel a little guilty feeling cheery today, but gosh darn it, crochet is such a happy place for me! Thank goodness I have it to occupy my time! We are having a March snow today today with cloudy gloom and I am self quarantining out of an abundance of caution. So yay; my yarns are bright as the rainbow!

My Final Days in Ajijic-Part V

No vacation is complete without finding a yarn store to explore. This happened for me yesterday; just in the nick of time!

This small shop is chock-full of colorful yarns and the owner is so welcoming. I had to add to the local economy, so I bought yarn. I wish Juera Esther much success!

Oh, and I have been crocheting ALOT while here! Here is a sampling of the freeform motifs I have finished.

I sat in the plaza relaxing with a strawberry fruit bar (paleta), this dog was laid out in the traffic path sound asleep. Someone came along and petted him, so he decided to move and came near me to lay down again with his head up against my shoe. Cute!

This week I learned how to tell when a pineapple is ripe. Pull a leaf from the center top and if it is white and tender at the bottom, you can be sure to enjoy! I've eaten two whole pineapples this month. So delicious!

I took another picture of this plan because it has grown so and opened up this month.

Friday, my last full day, and Sheila &am…

My Weekend Walks in Ajjijic:Part IV

On Saturday, I went on the Annual Studio Art Walk which benefits student artists. Around 100 artists were represented in 30 locations. Sheila Ruof and I enjoyed our day very much and I saw so much beauty which I want to share in photos. Besides the art, color and views that intrigue me abound throughout town!

On my way to pick up Sheila, I saw these ladies having so much fun putting these balloons together as a sculpture. They told me it is for a bullfight.

I bought a ceramic dish and a small watercolor, both gifts. The brochure with map to the artists' studios is beautifully done.

Coincidentally, the first  house we stopped at was one I had posted here days earlier because I think it is beautiful on the outside.

A Bed and Breakfast we entered had many artists displaying their works.

At the Lake Chapala Society (LCS) community center, this lady was demonstrating mosaic work. We also saw the talented students who learn their art skills as a part of the LCS Art Program.

We walked o…