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In Honor of and Gratitude to My Dear Friend: B.J. Licko-Keel

For many years, B. J. has sent me a lovely and meaningful Christmas gift. After receiving this year's gorgeous installment to the collection, I got to thinking... My usual thank-you note just does not suffice after all these years; I have to do more. Because I love to blog, why not share my love for B.J. here! 2020 Knitted Hat We've known each other for 26 years, and met at the first Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) conference in Chicago. The friendship has endured all these years because of our common passion for thread crochet, bead crochet, crochet in general, and our love of working together for CGOA. Academically, BJ earned degrees in psychology from the U of Illinois, Chicago and photography from Columbia College. When we met, she had just retired as a financial officer and production manager at the ABA Press (the official publishing company of the American Bar Association) in the area of publications.  One year I was the lucky recipient of "Taste of the ABA," a
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I am grateful : -for my health. I have stayed Covid-free all these months by following the science: mask or double mask, glove, isolation. #IwearbecauseIcare -that the new vaccine that is being administered today. I will wait patiently for those most in need to get theirs. -for my Covid pup, Bobby, who is so cute even when he is naughty! Naughty Nice -that my older daughter & family could spend this month in Florida, even though I miss them a lot! -for Zoom so I can keep in touch. Zoom cookie-baking -that "Darth" (Vader), the fish I am pet-sitting, is  still swimming after 3 weeks! -that my younger daughter lives nearby too. We are a small happy family! -that I found mincemeat, after searching 4 stores, for my annual fruitcake gifts! Walmart came through for me, and again today, with rum extract to use for eggnog fudge! Thanks Google! -that our Indianapolis weather has not been so bad. I am still taking daily walks; and it is even better when the sun is shining!  -for my

RIP, Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I'll Forever be Obsessed!

 Some of you may remember my friend from Boston, Sue, who doesn't crochet but comes to CGOA conferences with her sister to hang out with me! She called me recently to share a fantastic story. Her cousin, Sarah, who established M.M. LaFleur, received a request from RBG herself to make a jabot in the style of company's upscale designs! 

Register and VOTE!!

Used  with permission ~ Suzann Thompson: What to Do in a Democracy ; quilting, fabric, crocheted doilies Every citizen is a voter! NOW is the time to register to vote, if you haven't already, for the 2020 election! You can find everything you need to know about registering and voting requirements in any state, absentee ballots, early voting dates, election dates and deadlines, ballot return options and more at the Us Vote Foundation . 2019:   Suzann and friends registering voters at a festival "in the wild" in Texas Suzann Thompson is a prolific crochet and  quilt artist who combines the two in her mixed-media quilts. Until the Covid-19 pandemic hit, she was exhibiting " Celebrate Doilies " throughout her home state of Texas.  Since the 2008 election season, I have become a more involved voter. Now, more than ever, I have been very concerned that every citizen who wants to vote have a chance to do so and exercise their right as a US citizen. Recently I was honor

Covid Pup!

They say that "having expectations only brings disappointment." I lean toward being a "glass half full" type of person, but in this instance, my expectation about taking my girls to Normandy France in 2021 has been put on hold. I won't say that I am devastated because I have hope that we will be able to go some time in the future. I'd say I am more embarrassed with our country's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, leading us to the worst numbers in the world; and currently we are banned from traveling to Europe!

I Have Some Good News!

 I've worked hard during this Covid-19 pandemic to keeping a positive attitude as well as being ever vigilant about staying safe and about being kind to others by wearing my mask. So far it is working; and I am proud to say I have remained healthy, while being of a certain age that puts me in the high risk category. Today is another good day! Several months ago I learned that the United States Postal Service (USPS) was planning the release of a new forever stamp to recognize Ruth Asawa posthumously.  I was so, so excited, as I always am, when crochet gets the recognition it deserves! The slight glitch was yet to be announced the date of release! I've checked regularly with the USPS since then. This week, with the postal service controversy on my mind, I decided to do my part and order stamps online. Boy, was I surprised and thrilled: Ruth's stamp was just released on August 13! So, today is the day! I ordered 3 sheets of the stamps that honor Ruth's legacy. It feels go

"Covid Crochet" ~ Threads of Compassion

Charity Shawl My husband, Alan, died 4 years ago on July 1, 2016 from a rare brain disease called  Corticobasal Degeneration. He was in a research study at Mayo Clinic in Cooperation with his doctor at Rush, Chicago. Consequently, he decided to donate his brain to the research upon his death. I think of him as a courageous hero! The Chief of Pathology at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida, worked closely with the local pathologist to preserve his brain within twenty-four hours of his death. Participating with Mayo made Alan's courageous donation helped me see it less as a sacrifice and more like hope that the many fine doctors working for a cure to this dreadful disease will have success sooner because of many patients' contributions. "Saving lives through organ & tissue donation" After his death, I heard about the Indiana Donor Network (IDN) through my CGOA Guild chapter. Bonnie, who lost her son, volunteers there and told me about the program. I