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Covid Art Therapy

I've blogged before about how crochet is good for our health; and lately, I've been seeing lots of references about how many have turned to art endeavors during the Covid-19 pandemic to maintain a healthy outlook.   Personally, I used the "free time" I felt I had been given during the pandemic to  dig deeper into my artistic abilities, and to enjoy the challenges of pushing myself to create. I even gave water painting a try! Now seems like a good time to re-visit the topic, both by looking back at our realizations that crafting is a healthy activity; and thinking about how we have found that crafting continues to help us cope in healthy ways, post-pandemic. Christine Boland in Fashion United writes: " Thanks to the pandemic, we've seen a rise in all things handmade, not only in fashion but also in interior design. This has brought about a renewed interest in traditional techniques used for and evolved over centuries by indigenous communities who live close t
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Tania Rich, Crochet Activist

June is Pride Month; and Tania Rich has been busy crocheting hours and hours to  enhance the atmosphere at the NEON District of Norfolk, Virginia.  Her love of crochet got her involved in public art projects that highlight women and the LBGTQ Community. She wanted to add a little more love and color to the NEON District near where she lives. Due to lack of trees-lined streets, she lent her creativity to the light poles. Neon District, Norfolk, Virginia Tania also contributed a 24" x 24" square to a 40 foot mural of Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington, D. C. as a part of Love Across the USA . Tania Rich and her square for the Harris Mural Led by well-known street artist, London Kaye , Love Across the USA was founded by Olek in 2017. London explains, "We create large, poweful crochet art installations that amplify the voices and visions of women from the past and present that are changing the world. Women are no longer just participants in conversations, we are le

Book Review: Crochet Kaleidoscope by Sandra Eng

Crochet Kaleidoscope ~ Shifting Shapes and Shade Across 100 Motifs is a fantastic well-known designer Sandra Eng. You may recall my recent post about the Violet Protest . I have now finished the five squares I committed to send to this exciting project; and I used Sandra's book as a reference for making each square. Along the way, I decided to review the book for you because I enjoyed it so much. Included in the 100 designs are not just run-of-the-mill designs, but unique squares and also chapters on Circles, Hexagons, Triangles and other shapes as well. Publshed by FW, Eng says the book was "born out of her love of crochet, color and geometry." Her readers love crochet and color; geometryis a fantastic bonus that contributes to her unique design abilities. Karen Manthey, named by Eng as " Technical Editor Extraordinaire , has provided her diagram creation skills for each motif." She has been well-known in the crochet industry for years for her amazing

Yarn Bombing Still Blasting Forth!

Valerie Sherman, Grant Recipient "Granted tne Fiber Art Now Yarn Bombing Grant in early 2021, Valerie Sherman envisions her yarn-bombing installation in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago as an opportunity for residents to engage as a community and show their pride. Bronzeville, in South Chicago, is a hitorically black neighborhood that is undergoing a renasissance and gaining recognition for its regrowth and renewal." (Fiber Art Now magazine) She is embarking on a project that will involve other crocheters and knitters for a yarn bombing collaboration; and the grant will help her purchase yarn for he local crafters to make pieces for the installation. It is important that the community feels that this is truly their project," say Sherman.  When Valerie moved to the South Loop of Chicago in 2018, she began noticing "squiggly" bike racks around her neighborhood. As a crocheter since childhood, she couldn't help but think that crochet could add a touch

Violet Protest

Many thanks to Katy (DZKat on Ravelry) for telling me about this art project!  Ann Morton, the artist behind Violet Protest Violet Project is a public engagement, reaching across 50 states, organized by artist AnnMorton and funded by donations and Phoenix Art Museum.  I am particularly interested in the art that is inspired by the concept of the Violet Project because I have belonged to Braver Angels for over a year. Through the frequent debates and lectures on controversial subjects, Braver Anels "brings Reds, Blues and Others together to talk, listen and understand." There, I have been learning new ways to achieve civil discourse with people whose views may be opposed to my own whether they be "red" or "blue." So, I am looking forward to getting started on the 5 squares I have committed to Violet Project; and hopefully more as time permits. Phoenix New Times Robrt L. Pela ; January 20, 2020 “Ann Morton thinks of herself as a contemporary artist who

In Honor of and Gratitude to My Dear Friend: B.J. Licko-Keel

For many years, B. J. has sent me a lovely and meaningful Christmas gift. After receiving this year's gorgeous installment to the collection, I got to thinking... My usual thank-you note just does not suffice after all these years; I have to do more. Because I love to blog, why not share my love for B.J. here! 2020 Knitted Hat We've known each other for 26 years, and met at the first Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) conference in Chicago. The friendship has endured all these years because of our common passion for thread crochet, bead crochet, crochet in general, and our love of working together for CGOA. Academically, BJ earned degrees in psychology from the U of Illinois, Chicago and photography from Columbia College. When we met, she had just retired as a financial officer and production manager at the ABA Press (the official publishing company of the American Bar Association) in the area of publications.  One year I was the lucky recipient of "Taste of the ABA," a


I am grateful : -for my health. I have stayed Covid-free all these months by following the science: mask or double mask, glove, isolation. #IwearbecauseIcare -that the new vaccine that is being administered today. I will wait patiently for those most in need to get theirs. -for my Covid pup, Bobby, who is so cute even when he is naughty! Naughty Nice -that my older daughter & family could spend this month in Florida, even though I miss them a lot! -for Zoom so I can keep in touch. Zoom cookie-baking -that "Darth" (Vader), the fish I am pet-sitting, is  still swimming after 3 weeks! -that my younger daughter lives nearby too. We are a small happy family! -that I found mincemeat, after searching 4 stores, for my annual fruitcake gifts! Walmart came through for me, and again today, with rum extract to use for eggnog fudge! Thanks Google! -that our Indianapolis weather has not been so bad. I am still taking daily walks; and it is even better when the sun is shining!  -for my