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30 Years of CCGOA: Looking Forward; Looking Back #CGOA #yesCGOA

As the Founder of the Crochet Guild of America, I am so proud to be celebrating OUR Thirtieth Anniversary! It has been a journey that led to much crochet happiness; we came together, shared our passions, our skills and our committment to develop CGOA into THE organization exclusively for crocheters!  For 30 years we have have steadily moved forward to meet the needs and passions of crocheters everywhere, broadening our range of activities and moving into an online presense to meet many and varied interests of those near and far.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey alongside new and  loyal members of our organization, CGOA!  Impressive Board members have brought energy and amazing skills to their positions over the years. Challenges, at times, were met head on and we continued to move forward. We created traditions and earned status within the Craft/Yarn industry.  This could not have happened without the many, many contributions of members who also brought professional skills volunt
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National Women's History (Herstory) Month ~ March 2024

During this profoundly important month of celebrating women, I'm going to tell you my story; I hope you will tell me yours here where it is safe and remains anonymous, if you wish. I grew up in a blue-collar family in a small-ish town in Indiana. I wanted to be a nurse but had expectations of studying at a hospital nursing program. It was just happenstance that I graduated from the Baccalaureate  program at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana in 1970 Married before graduating, Alan and I wanted to join the Peace Corps. My first plane ride ever was when we went to Los Angeles for our Peace Corps interview! My world started to expand from there! With little more than six month's hospital experience, I began to run an out-patient clinic in our Honduran village of  Las Vegas de Santa Barbara. It is there that I learned a new language, worked with humans who looked different than me, and experienced a culture and level of poverty that I could not have previously imagined. Dedic

The Fine Art of Kelly Limrick

  Exquire Magazine: article by Xin Xuan published February 15, 2025  "New artwork KellyLim embodies LouisXIII (Cognac) perspective of time's progression." Read the whole article at See much more of Kelly's amazing art at

What's In Store in 2024?

I don't make New Years Resolutions anymore; my experience is that big ideas/goals get lost in everyday life leading to disappointment. Instead, I just live one day at a time, making sure to be grateful for each day I am given. That being said, I woke up to 2024 knowing that we have a huge electoral process facing us!! I decided that it is high time that I ramp up my efforts to exercise my civic duty. I've made minimal efforts in the past; going door to door in my nighborhood to encourage my neighbors to vote; making phone calls to get out the vote; but this time is different! A friend on Facebook must follow a very large amount of sites; and I am enjoying the Memes she is posting daily. So I began sharing them on  Facebook . Shortly I realized I was "preaching to the choir." So I opened up my page to the public in general hoping to reach more people with different outlooks on life than me. I have so far only focused on the themes of "kindness" and "acce

Weekend Get-Away

 I always like a road trip whether it is to a small Indiana town for ice cream; or like my latest one across the border to Versailles, OH. My long-time dear friend, Sherry, lost her husband about a year ago. She has done all manor of things since, such as selling the house; moving into a patio home in Mansfield, OH; etc. She was ready to see something new. Coincidentally, I had heard on the radio while driving about the Inn at Versailles. It is a stately hotel with a five-star restaurant, "The Silas" named after the town founder. It sounded like the perfect location in between where we both live! We actually met first in Dayton at the Art Institute and viewed an exhibit about the art of Taos, New Mexico ~ "New Beginnings: An American Story of Romantics & Modernists in the West." Bacos Telaya Peak After checking into the beautiful Inn,  Lobby we wandered around Main Street to visit the small shops. It didn't take long to realize that this small town of 2500 i

My First Road Scholar (Prev. Elder Hostel) Trip

 "Signature City: St. Petersburg, FL March 19-24, 2023 My dear friend, Deb, had told me for years how much she loves St. Pete for its art: ceramics and glass. She spent 4 months there for several consecutive years. I was longing to go myself, but didn't plan ahead a year in advance to go this February. Then, along came the Road Scholar (formerly "Elder Hostel") catalog loaded with options. Arrival in St. Pete was uneventful and I had most of the day to walk around, explore and get lunch before we could register at 4 PM. I got a little turned around, but people I asked on the street were friendly and helpful. I started to understand the unusual grid of streets there! I opted to book a "solo" room at the Hyatt Place Downtown; our designated hotel which is included in the trip total.  Many women with us were traveling solo too; and I felt very comfortable in our friendly group. I had a flash of wisdom before leaving and pinned my "crochet" brooch on