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2011 Awesome Crochet Blog: Free Form Crochet

December 23, 2011 In case I don't get to blog on my regular blogging schedule on Monday what with having the family and grandkids here and all the eating we will have to be doing, I shall post my pre-Christmas joy today! I was awarded the 2011 Awesome Crochet Blogs Award for Freeform Crochet by Kathryn of Crochet Concupiscence. Kathryn, You said in your write-up that I am "friendly," but you are a sweetheart. You offer so much in your blog and yet you are always so appreciative and giving to others. I really appreciate this award and am honored to receive it from you! Stay tuned...I am very excited about another free form project I have in the works. This award has giving me a spark of inspiration to make it my best yet! Thanks again and have the happiest holiday ever! Read about the winners in other Awesome Blog categories:

Me Gifts for Me!

Monday, December 19, 2011 Christmas has come early!! Three new books have been added to my library. It seems my friend Josie in NYC likes to touch and feel books! She orders them and then if she doesn't think she'll ever crochet anything from them, she kindly sends them on to me. Thus I acquired Crochet So Fine by Kristin Omdahl and Creating Crochet Fabric by Dora Ohrenstein. Both are lovely books and I might just have to make the honeycomb neck warmer in Kristin's book RIGHT NOW!

 Or maybe it would be a good idea to finish the cowl that I have on my designer's drawing board!It only uses one skein so should be quick. Dora's book is a masterful tome about all aspects of crochet. She has put a lot of work and study into the information she offers. It is a must have for any crocheter's shelf. Last week I bought a funky little book at Half-Price books: Downtown DIY Crochet: 14 easy designs for city girls with style.This book is cleverly put together with drawings i…