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To Turkey and Back in One Day!

A weekend with nothing scheduled became a rich experience when our Turkish friend, Lemis' (Larry), invited us to attend the Chicago Turkish World Festival at Navy Pier. After a sumptuous breakfast together at a new restaurant in the suburbs, we headed to the nearest Elevated train stop and made our way to Chicago on public transportation. Larry had not ridden the El before and although it is not any shorter, it is way more relaxing. We took the Blue line from Cumberland and then transfered to the red line at Jackson Street in the Loop where we just had 3 more stops to Grand and then a six block walk to the Pier. The sky was clear and the temperature in the high eighties, but the closer we got the the Pier, the more refreshing was the lake air that surrounded us.

We walked the length of the pier enjoying the sights, sounds and smells all along the way to the very end where the festival was taking place in the grand ballroom.

From a distance we could hear music and entering, we exper…

Crochet and Our Health


I'm now putting the most current of this long story at the top. If you need to read back to catch up, see below the *******line.
August 2, 2010
Life goes on and Dad is hanging in there. We visited there just this past weekend and had two family events, one on Dad's side and one on mom's. On Sat., Alan and I took dad to lunch at "Cindy's Diner." In the morning we had read about the owner in the North Side Alumni News and I decided it sounded like a fun place to go. I was right! The choclate malt is one of the best I have ever had and the onion rings were great too!Dad enjoyed seeing the old place and had a "Murphy's donut" made from the donut machine that was in the Murphy's five and dime store, dating back to the fifties. Murphy's was my sat. hangout when I was 12 or so. I would take the bus there on Sat. and shop around and of course, have a donut!

Cousin Jeff's son is getting married in Louisville, KY in October and his br…