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Our medical mission was born of a dream conceived by Rose Jensen, Nurse Director of the Police Neighborhood Resource Center in Rolling Meadows, IL, which serves a mostly Hispanic enclave in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Rose had gone before with a group from her church, Willow Creek, to Peralta on a mission trip supported by the church. She often talked with enthusiasm to Dr. Juan, Barbarita and I when we volunteered with her in the clinic; and we began thinking it would be great if our whole team from the clinic could go together on a medical mission. That’s how it all began two or three years ago.

The dream became reality and the date was set for us to go. Rose, Juan, Barb and I were on board and Rose began seeking more doctors. The timing wasn't the best for Alan and I because our daughter, Bethany is getting married on May 16 in Italy! We'll only have six weeks until the wedding when we return from the DR. On well, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

Our group cam…