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Book Review: 2015 Crafter's Market, Kelly M. Biscopink, Editor

Have you dreamed of turning your love of crafting into a career? Well then, now is the time to stop dreaming and put those thoughts into action! A brand new guide, Crafter’s Market, is the thorough and complete annual guide that will lead you along this journey to success!
This annual directory is Published by F &W, a Content a + eCommerce Company, and they have proven success with their sister publications Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market and Writer’s Market.

Marketing your craft is essential and Crafter’s Marketprovides these resources to expand your business:
•Up-to-date info on more than 1,000 craft market resources
•Markets for a variety of crafts from quilting to jewelry making
•Articles on the basics of freelancing
•Information on social media marketing and pricing your crafts
•Inspiring interviews with successful craft professional

Book Review: Tunisian Shawls by Sharon H. Silverman

Having reviewed more than one of Sharon’s books, I could predict that this latest one is a worthwhile addition to anyone’s crochet library. Especially suited to those who want to experience Tunisian crochet and learn more about it, she includes 8 different shawls using yarn ranging from fine to bulky. A nice touch is the variety of shawls for all seasons. You’ll be kept busy crocheting and learning throughout the year!

Book Review: Crochet Ever After by Brenda K. B. Anderson

This book is especially ideal for doting grandmothers; but anyone who likes to crochet unique and whimsical designs will love it too! It is adorable and I like the recent trend of crochet books with a theme! All projects in the book are inspired by classic fairy tales.