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I Have a New Friend and Her Name is Deb

Since moving  across state lines in December, I have kept relatively busy with all the things that go along with a big move to a new house: errands to get those little hardware essentials, hanging pictures, finding the perfect storage solutions, rearranging the craft room to "try" and fit it all in. There are the boring things, too, like getting a new driver's license and car license plates, plus learning my way around as I accomplish all these things.

My time is limited to the caretaker's schedule for hubby, so I usually feel rushed; but that's okay...there is always tomorrow! Finally, on Monday this week I felt like I had a snippet of time to have lunch with an acquaintance. I call her an "acquaintance" because we had only briefly met for a minute at the closing on our house and had communicated via email a bit before that.

Word to the wise...if you are a designer, author, blogger or any kind of professional, promote yourself on your email signature. …