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Crocheters Love Books!

If you've been crocheting a long time like I have, you'll remember that back in the day crochet books were a bit on the scarce side. Today, new crochet books chocked full of exciting pattern designs, are coming out on a regular basis in droves.

A Conversation with Vashti Braha

I’ve known Vashti's passion for crochet since the day I first met her at the Crochet Guild (CGOA) booth at Stitches Midwest back in Summer 2004.  It is no surprise that her presence in the world of crochet has evolved from active crocheter, to designer, CGOA board member to her current role as entrepreneur and owner of Designing Vashti Lotus, a yarn company. Her innate curiosity, love of the technique of crochet and drive to improve has led her along this path.

2015 brings in plans for a “coming-out” party of sorts; the “debutante” is named “Lotus!” Help me celebrate by learning more about what makes Vashti tick and how she is managing to meet the challenges of such an endeavor. We'll look at her past and let you in on where she is headed!

Book Review: Formal Jewelry by Karen McKenna

If you are a Mother-of-the-Bride, a bride who makes time to crochet, or one whose fashion sense is channeled from episodes of the hit series, Mad Men, then Formal Jewelry is for you!

The theme of this booklet falls into a narrow niche, but if you want to create jewelry with a formal, dressy look for wedding or nightlife, you will enjoy what it has to offer.