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Crochet is Hanging Over My Head!

Crochet is my life; it is how I define myself. I am a Gemini, okay, so do give me credit for having a "life."
I really hate to admit that there could be anything negative about the crochet about which I am so passionate.

I am not stranger to having 3 or 4 projects going at one time. There's usually the complicated one that takes concentration. There is the one that is repetitive and is good for just keeping the hands busy in front of daily tv sessions; and there is the "traveling project" kept in the car for using those moments as they appear to stitch a row or two with no deadline to get the project finished. So, why oh why, am I feeling such pressure? Let's explore....

At this  moment in time, I seem to have some deadlines for the projects on which I am working, and I am starting to feel the pressure. My first deadline is next week; I will be teaching a private class in bead-crochet. I love bead-crochet and it will be fun to share my tips with someone who was referred to me by a bead store I frequent, Bead World. It won't take long to prepare as I have patterns and materials to ready to share. If you want to learn bead-crochet, but don't live close enough for a private lesson, check out my tutorials on YouTube.

One November 21, I will be co-teaching entrelac crochet at my CGOA chapter meeting. Luckily on this one, I've been working away and loving entrelac, so I have quite a few new samples to show along with those I've made in the past. I still have to prepare the pattern for the baby hat project they will learn with.

Entrelac Cowl

Entrlac Scarf

Entrelac Hat

Baby Hat-class project

After that, it's November 24, my precious granddaughter's 6th birthday. She loves containers, boxes and bags. She fills and refills them with her treasured gems, AND usually remembers where she has put things!

I thought it would be fun to get her a fully loaded picnic basket as they live right across the street from a park. Well, it was tough. All I could find, in kids' stores and online in the kiddie line, were character-style picnic or tea sets. Her mother says she is DONE with the "Frozen" theme but Chloe is not. Still and all, Frozen will eventually meet its expiration date. I wanted to avoid that.

I lucked upon a wonderful Longaberger basket in a resale shop. It is just the right size, but it doesn't have a lid. Darn, what will I do? So, I fell into the character trap and bought "Frozen" fabric to make a picnic cloth. Lest I let any gift to Chloe go un-embellished with crochet, I decided to make a thread-crochet edging to go around the cloth.

I think I am channeling my inner-Victorian, like yards and yards of edging in my vintage collection. I have roughly 108 inches done and 73 yet to go! I also bought a set of Frozen dishes, Ana/Elsa and Olaf for her little brother, Jack. If any friends go picniking with the kids, they will have to endure the plain plastic plates I will buy for guests.

Picnic Cloth
I have a commission to make two entrelac crochet baskets. One is done and the 2nd one will be due just before Christmas. They are both made in Premiere raffia, in different colors. I think I will need to make the second one a little bit different in size and shape, just to keep it interesting and feeling less like pressure!

Well, I've had lots of fun making all of these projects. It's not a good day without crochet. So why am I feeling so pressured? It has finally come to me as I've been blogging today...I am currently captivated by freeform crochet and working a new scrumble almost daily during the Cosh Walters Tribute CAL (Crochet-Along)at Cro-Kween Designs on Ravelry.

It is, indeed, a thrill and an honor to have James Walters, the father of all scrumbles, checking in from England as the cheerleader of the CAL as well as the memory of his most capable partner, Sylvia Cosh. Some incredible creation is happening there and I must be a part of it. I'm behind on the instructions there, too, but day-by-day I'll get it done and enjoy every minute along the way!

Tell me how you cope with all the project ideas in your head or on your to-do list. Or am I the only one whose hands just don't work fast enough?


Jennie Schumann said…
Your list of projects is awesome and fascinating!
brownie said…
Lovely projects, Gwen. I never tried entrelac, looks really fascinating and good for playing with colors!

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