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Yes, We're Here and We CROCHET!!!

Kudos to Classic Elite Yarn Company for including "crochet" in their Spring Knit-Along!! The back story is this....Fuzzy Wuzzy Yarns in Arlington Heights, IL is a relatively new and crochet friendly store. She was promoting the Knit-Along when one of her more astute crochet customers asked the question, Can crocheters participate." Why, of course, thought the owner, and she checked with Classic Elite to see if they would offer patterns for crocheters so they could participate. Well, they had to have a meeting about it first, but they got back to her with the question, is this national? Are all LYS's wanting to participate? is hard enough keeping a LYS afloat in these hard times without worrying about what other stores are doing! Hopefully, Classic Elite, has done their part to suggest to their network of national clients that it is a good idea to include crocheters in this fun activity. I mean, why shut out a portion of potential business, especially a…

Crock Star 4: Re-Tool to Be Cool

Crocheters the world over have struggled with the "coolness" factor and often have found themselves hovering in the cool shadows of the knitters, but no more! Even though I am ehem, older, I fancy myself as young at heart. I did, however, suffer through the anti-crochet-old granny-doily syndrome in the seventies and still remember some of the inadequate feelings I chose to hang onto about my passion and beloved crochet. I vowed when I started the Crochet Guild (CGOA) that we crocheters would never cast aspersions upon any needleartists. Stitching is a pathway everyone deserves to take and it doesn't matter how the loops are twisted as long as they are twistin'.

I believe each and every member of the CGOA is a Crochet Star! We just have to start believing it  and promoting ourselves as such. A little more sense of humor, like our stitcherly sisters seem to have, would help. We have the passion and we've worked long and hard to achieve our skills, so why not be &quo…