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I've been on island time since February 1 and have wanted to blog, but somehow could not seem to focus on what I wanted to write. You may even find my post today to be "rambling;" but hey, that word is in the title of my blog; so here goes.

I cannot stop the waves from rolling in and back out (nor do I want to); and acceptance of that premise has brought me serenity. Here on the island, I am sandwiched between nature and tourism! I enjoy soaking in the sunshine and fresh breezes equally as much as the culture of tourism.

The rolling waves are meditative if I just stop and appreciate them.  They shape the sands, creating scallops, shelves and lines. Hoards of walking humans create patterns with their feet and shoes. I've seen some dolphins, but not as many as I would like. I have to be satisfied with birds, the occasional crab, and kids/adults making sand "castles."

I'm so grateful that I am not a"beach bird." These little guys work so hard to …
Trevor Smith from Portland, Australia, is hooked on food! Anne Ewbank wrote about him in Atlas Obscura on January 31, 2018. All photos courtesy the artist and Michael Reid Sydney. He's gained a reputation as "crochet master" and even "Crochet King." Maybe I should meet him!