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Wartime Crochet With Attitude, Part I

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Karen Ballard and I have a mutual love of free form crochet. We met for the first time in a class taught by Prudence Mapstone of Australia at the Chain Link Crochet Conference 2011. I admire Karen's vast knowledge of needle work history and am grateful for her willingness to share with us as my guest blogger this week.
World War 1 Attitudes About Crochet by Karen Ballard
In 2008, I coined that term, "Workbasket Campaigns" to describe the organized efforts during World War I (WWI) and World War II (WWII) coordinated through the American Red Cross {ARC} and the Navy League to create needle crafted items.  These items were mostly knitted but also sewn, quilted, and crocheted for, or in support of, the military, wounded, allies, refugees, and the patriotic home-front. This effort was a significant: contribution of enormous numbers of needed items to those in war-torn areas and of improved morale for those on the home-front.  
As a crocheter, I real…

Cancer & Crochet Support Group

Monday, October 28, 2013
Soon it will be one year that I started my volunteer job as coordinator of a Cancer & Crochet Support group at my local hospital. Today, I want to celebrate the life of one of our members who died last week. Even though Judy was in hospice, she continued work on her goal of making 100 caps for the premature babies at the hospital. She reached and exceeded the goal with 125 hats! During her last ten days of life, she attended a special event hosted by my CGOA chapter in her wheel chair with oxygen; she also came to the support group. She was one strong and determined woman and we will miss her terribly!

I've long known the value of crochet as a healing tool and a method of relaxation. I reviewed books that cover this topic beautifully: Crochet Saved My Life and Contemplative Crochet. Recently my friend Rita, an art therapist, came to share with the group.

This was the group's first attempt at thread crochet and after they got over the initial shock…

Book Review: Sweet & Simple Baby Crochet By Kristi Simpson

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Welcome to my Kweendom and I am so happy to be a part of Kristi Simpson's Blog Tour. I know you'll love her book and I wish you luck in winning a copy in my give-away. For details on winning, see below...
Sweet & Simple Baby Crochet By Kristi Simpson

If there were nothing else in this book besides adorable photographs of babies, it would be well worth the price. But lucky for you there is much much more: a bonus of thirty-five adorable and unique pattern designs for baby-wear!
Large, colorful photographs of the projects worn by precious children add to the allure of the book, but in addition, concise step-by-step photos throughout are ideal for beginners. Throughout the book a wide range of readily available yarns are used in the designs. This is another great way for beginners to learn about yarns as they learn to crochet.  These are not your run of the mill baby patterns. Because Kristi uses fun colors and mixes different stitches, there are unexpect…

Guest Blogger Dee Stanziano: Magic Wands, Part 1

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dee and I have been crochet friends for quite some time. I've enjoyed teaching for her chapter of CGOA in Connecticut; I've taken classes from her and I've written about her in an article about "Collecting Crochet" for Piecework Magazine where again, she shared her love of hook collecting. Dee is known as the "crochet cheerleader" and she blogs as CrochetWithDee.

Magic Wands by Dee Stanziano:

Magic wands; all crocheters have them.  Cleverly disguised as magic wands, crochet hooks vary in many aspects including color, shape and material.  Some are mass produced, others are hand crafted. Some are heirlooms; others are brand new, waiting to cast their first stitches.  With refined practice, we are able to wave our crochet hooks seemingly effortlessly, turning simple string into an array of loops that becomes a series of stitches, and those stitches magically turn into fabric.  Yes, crochet hooks are just like magic wands that help …

Fall Wrap-Up

Monday, October 21, 2013
Much as I hate to see the vibrant colors, invigorating air and doses of sunshine on the shoulders come to an end, it is also fun to pull out last year's scarves, cowls and shawls in anticipation of wrapping up for cozy days and nights of crocheting.

To "wrap up" news of my autumn activities, all I can say is it has been quite hectic.

Promoting my book, blogging more often and an array of guest bloggers has kept me on my toes. I have been particularly thrilled and grateful to my guest bloggers who have done a bang-up job of sharing their interests and passions coupled with skilled writing. If you haven't already read their stories, here are some direct links to their posts:
Kathryn Vercillo, Marie Segares, Jude Butterworth,Kristen Stoltzfus,Bonnie Meltzer,  and Gabli Musings.

I have more guest bloggers lined up and they have interesting and inspiring topics to share with you. If you would like to be a guest blogger, just check in with me with y…