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4th Annual Letter Y

Ms. Allison was the Junior Kindergarten teacher for both of my grandchildren. They've each graduated now, but she invites me back each year as the presenter for the Letter Y!  This wonderful and sweet teacher hails from Scotland; and she has an appreciation for the heritage of crafts and really enjoys Yarn Bombing! Lucky for me, the children progress to their studies of the alphabet and reach Letter Y in March just in time for National Crochet Month sponsored by the Crochet Guild of America.

Book Review: Crochet Loom Blooms by Haafner Linssen

Call me a perfectionist; but I have been concentrating on making my crochet the best it can be since around 1990. I always loved crochet, but before the Crochet Gof America was organized, I dabbled in many other needlework techniques. Crochet called to me and I always came back to it. Then along came Crochet Loom Blooms!

Roots, Stories and Memories: An Exhibit of War and Childhood Memories

from CBS New, April 6, 2018:
Syrian Women Remember 'past before the past' with Art... on display at Moncton Library.

Srwah-al-hamoud shares that "The first time I felt happiness in a long time was when my crocheted multi-colored flowers and pineapples were unveiled at the Moncton Public Library. She called it the 'past before the past' when she used to crochet for fun and relaxation, when crocheting wasn't her way of keeping bad memories of war and loss at bay.'"

Art Therapist, Dominik Robichaud, conceived the idea of the exhibit and says, "I hope art can help women heal from the war they've left behind."

Follow this link to learn more about these strong women's stories.
Photos courtesy Hadeel Ibrahim, CBC.CA