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February 19, 2008
This story relayed to me by my daughter, Bethany:
She sings in a band in Lincoln Square, a neighborhood of Chicago, at the Bad Dog Tavern with two of her college roommates, Sarah and Kate. The band is known as Chameleon World

One night the singers were getting ready to perform and their "dressing room" is the bathroom. While in their another couple of young women entered and they were talking about crochet. Kate piped up and said, pointing to Bethany, "Her mother is the Crochet Queen of America!" One of the young women, replied, Do you mean Gwen Blakley Kinsler?, as which point Kate and Sarah screamed YES!! Later they told Bethany, "I knew your mother was famous, but didn't realize she was THAT famous!!

Who knows where my fame could spread from a bathroom in Lincoln Square!

To read more about Bethany's band, go to Google and search Ray St. Ray on MySpace.