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I Have a New Friend and Her Name is Deb

Since moving  across state lines in December, I have kept relatively busy with all the things that go along with a big move to a new house: errands to get those little hardware essentials, hanging pictures, finding the perfect storage solutions, rearranging the craft room to "try" and fit it all in. There are the boring things, too, like getting a new driver's license and car license plates, plus learning my way around as I accomplish all these things.

My time is limited to the caretaker's schedule for hubby, so I usually feel rushed; but that's okay...there is always tomorrow! Finally, on Monday this week I felt like I had a snippet of time to have lunch with an acquaintance. I call her an "acquaintance" because we had only briefly met for a minute at the closing on our house and had communicated via email a bit before that.

Word to the wise...if you are a designer, author, blogger or any kind of professional, promote yourself on your email signature. Because my email address is unique (, it is pretty common for conversations about crochet to develop - or at least it gets a smile. Often I will hear,"My grandmother was a crocheter; or I always wanted to learn."

What's not so common is for someone to pick up on the link to my book, The Fine Art of Crochet, and actually go to Amazon to thumb through the pages! But that is exactly what Deb did; and she is not even a crocheter! She is, however, an avid crafter and appreciates the art of crochet. I was so pleased when she was complimentary of my book and said she would look forward to meeting me.

Deb wasn't directly involved in our closing; but when met that day I gifted her one of my crocheted bangle bracelets. We talked about getting together and about 2 months later, we made it happen! It was enjoyable to think about a relaxing and peaceful time just for myself to enjoy a new restaurant and a potential new friend.

Have you ever experienced the instant connection that happens when you meet another crocheter? It is one of the joys of participating in an annual Chain Link Crochet Conference. That was the case with Deb and I. We share common interests in crafting, not just crochet. The joy of making, be it hand-made papers, color combinations or any fiber craft. It doesn't have to be just crochet that attracts the artful mind to another crafter.

We also share the experience of having moved from a familiar home base to a new and different area. I won't call it "work," but it definitely takes "intention" to reach out and start to make new friends. Deb has a head start of 8 years on me, but I am so glad she was kind enough to reach out to me.

We were so busy talking and eating during her lunch hour that I didn't take any selfies, but I will because I am sure there will be a next time for Deb and I!

In just a few days, we will begin to celebrate National Crochet Month sponsored by the Crochet Guild of America. What do you plan to do to bring attention to your favorite craft of crochet? I suggest inviting an acquaintance to lunch. Who knows, they could have a hidden desire to learn crochet or they may even know how and just want to share their skills with a friend! The worse that can happen is that you'll have a nice lunch!


So glad to hear that you were able to make that connection. HUGS.
Alice said…
So glad you have a new friend!

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