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#KCBWDAY7 ~ My Time, My Place

#KCBWDAY7 ~ Our Day 7 Challenge: 
Where and how do you take time out to knit and/or crochet? Maybe you don’t take time out at all and instead have your needles twirling as you try to juggle a multitude of other tasks with no ‘spare’ time to think of. Maybe you enjoy nothing more than to crochet whilst winding down from a yoga session, chatting with some friends in a nearby cafe.

Whether social or solitary, tell readers about your crafting time and space, and where you either most enjoy (or can simply find a few snatched moments) to turn yarn into something even more beautiful.

Since crochet is inextricably "linked" to my life, there are MANY places and times where I crochet! I'm retired, so my days are flexible but busy. I am an active blogger and scouring the Internet can tend to get me distracted from the actual making, if I let it. I DON'T LET IT!

No day is complete for me without crochet! It's my therapy, my love, my passion and I need to do it to stay grounded. I crochet each evening from approximately 7-10 PM while sitting in my recliner and watching television. This is my main location; and often the crochet takes over my mind rather than the tv leading me away from it.

I have a studio in our condo. It is my room dedicated to crochet. The closet is stuffed full of yarn and organized by color and type. There are various other containers in the room, baskets and baskets, that handle the excess. I don't often sit in the studio to crochet, but I do spend time in there thinking about the next project and in selecting yarn to use.

I also do a lot of bead-crochet.

Antique Spool Drawer

A few of my beads!
I design and have a Ravelry shop. I also really enjoy following other designers' patterns. Even though I've been crocheting for forty years, there is always something new to learn and I learn from other designers ideas presented in pattern-form. I have a basket with projects in the cue to be started, and I usually have 3-4 projects started at any given time.

I always have what I call a traveling project that I keep in my car.  No matter where I go or what I am up to, there is always the chance that I will be able to crochet for a spell, so I am prepared. How could I almost forget? Crafting in public is so important and my CGOA chapter, the Northern IL Chapter of CGOA means the world to me. We meet once a month and of course crocheting is the order of the day!

Northern IL Chapter with guest teacher, Lily Chin!
How many can say that their hobby has kept them inspired for forty years and that it turned into a career?


Breathing Life said…
Love the antique spool drawer and I am drooling over your craft room. Yowza!
Barbara Worn said…
Thanks for sharing this Gwen-I love it especially because I see so many things you do that are very similar to the way I do things.
I'm living in a rather isolated area so I don't have a support group. Reading your description of the way you work crochet into your life (or maybe it's more like the way you work your life into your crochet, haha!) makes me feel so connected to you and the crochet community.
I can't go a day without crocheting either and I've been crocheting for about 40 years just like you.
Stitch On Brave Queen, Stitch On!

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