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Chain Link/Knit & Crochet Show 2014: Recap

July 24, 2013
As I drove up to the Radisson in Manchester, NH and saw that it had been yarn-bombed ~ outside in the plaza in front plus the dog statues that greet us and the bench right bythe door ~ I said to myself, "Why didn't we think of this before??" Many many thanks to Jennifer Ryan for conceiving the idea and for organizing all the wonderful volunteers who contributed motifs and helped put them ALL OVER. It was sensational!

Tree in Parkway
Dog Statue at Entrance
I bombed the same dog in 2010 with yarn from our goody bag by Lion Brand!
My bombing of the dog back in 2010 was gone by morning. It goes to show that asking permission has some benefits, but does take some of the excitement out of yarn bombing!

Entrance of Hotel

Parkbench at Entrance of Hotel

Reception Desk
Stairs to Parking Garage
Enhancement Around the Plantings of the Breakfast Cafe

Even the Ladies Room was Bombed!
These are my dear friends Sue and Claudette who came from Boston to have lunch with me!
It realy did make me smile to walk through the hotel and see all the crochet making a difference!

The first thing I did after checking in was go to the CGOA Registration to pick up my 20th Anniversary commemorative hook! So beautiful and what a treasure!

20th Anniversary Commemorative Hook
This beautiful wooden hook ade of dye-impregnated wood veneers features the anniversary color, emerald.and was made for us by Sharky's and it also includes a charm and emerald gem.

At the registration desk, I encountered this beauty that carries out the unofficial  theme of the weekend: yarn joy!

CGOA Registration Adorned!
Soon after I arrived, I made my way to the Market Place to judge the winner for my $100.00 Founder's Award. It was a pretty easy choice: "Backyard Visitors." This entry also won first prize in the art category. To me, it conveyed the spirit of CGOA:  friendly crocheters welcoming newbies and sharing all they know. Congratulations, Sachiko Adams! See photos of all the winners posted by Doris Chain, Chair of the Competition, soon.

Backyard Vistors by Shachiko Adams
I spent the rest of the afternoon connecting with old friends and meeting new ones in the Knit & Crochet Serenity Zone. Thank you, Red Heart, for your sponsorship! Since I was there such a short time and not taking classes, I wanted to talk to as many as possible to show my gratitude for their votes on my award and to encourage them to be active members of CGOA. I brought along a bunch of crochet gifts and handed them out along the way!

Kathy, winner of several thread crochet awards, & Betty

20th Anniversary Logo Cake!

Well-Wishers: Kate Steinke, CGOA Board member, and Lindsay
Pam, Susan and Me from the NI Chapter
HOF-14 Chair, Kimberly McAlindin Presenting My Award
Cake & Champagne Was Served to Everyone
Right after my induction, the Market Preview started and everyone rushed to shop. I spent some time greeting well-wishers in the CGOA booth.

Juanita, a dear Courtesan at Cro-Kween Designs

Pattie from my local chapter
Poster in the CGOA Booth
Thanks to Nicole Wawok for the photo that will go down in history marking my place in the Hall of Fame. It is kind of scary blown up that large!

An exhibit of my books and art was in the CGOA booth
CGOA Member, Carlotta, crocheted this gorgeous 4-tiered anniversary cake!
Pam Oddi (L) and Delma Myers
Pam. Past President of CGOA, and Delma are the only 2 left who have attended every conference for 20 years! Read more about their thoughts on CGOA membership. Thanks for your loyalty to CGOA, Pam & Delma!

Cari Clement (L) and Marty Miller
Cari and Marty are both Past Presidents of CGOA; and Cari is the brains behind the Jean Leinhauser CGOA Hall of Fame. Thank you for you contributions!

I don't always remember new friends names!

Joan Davis
Joan taught at the very first Chain Link Conference in 1994. Lookin' good, Joan!

Jack Blumenthal, CGOA Board Member, from Lion Brand
Irene & Ariel
"When Baby Sleeps, Mommy Plays with Yarn ~ While I Sleep, Mommy Plays with Yarn"

Mary Rhodes, an early CGOA member
Thank you to Kareen Gibson of Offinger Management for all the social media posts that she constantly added to the CGOA Facebook page during the conference to let the world know what a wonderful and unique experience is enjoyed by all who attend the Chain Link Conference/Knit & Crochet Show. I hope you were there; I hope you had fun; and I hope to see you in San Diego, July 22-26, 2015!!


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