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Warm Sun & Exquisite Shadows

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 There is a reason that crocheted scarves are so popular. Not only are they colorful, textural, and stylish/fashionable,; but they are also a quick and simple way to warm the whole body in a hurry without the bulk of a long sleeve garment like a sweater! It is really kind of amazing how just a narrow piece of crochet fabric tied around the neck can influence the temperature in the rest of the body. I never get tired of making scarves! Here in our village of Ajijic, Jalisco, the altitude is 5,000 feet! The weather is often described as "paradise." So true.....the sun is hot, yet we have a cool, refreshing breeze to keep it comfortable. As far as dressing goes, we are constantly aware of the need to dress in layers. The air is cool first thing in the morning and I seek the spot where the sun first lights on my shoulders to read my book and drink my coffee. As the day goes on I follow the sun seeking half sun/ half shade, peeling off layers only to put them back on as the sun sets in the evening. As with anywhere, interesting shadows are created by the changing positions of the sun.
Mother Nature playing with light and shadows: it's art; it's lace! Why is it so special here? Upon my return to Chicago, I vow to be more aware of my environment, to not be in such a hurry and to appreciate the same kind of things (in their own Chicago-way) that I so admire here. I've been crocheting away madly here in Mexico. I move from sun to shadow; from project to project. The project I choose is based upon the amount of concentration, or lack thereof, needed at the time. For some reason I always think of this vacation time as special in that i bring along projects that have been languishing in the "frustrato" pile. (That's a new word I just made up)!I also bring along projects that have been dwelling in the "procrastination" space of my brain. It seems that time is a gift here; it is more relaxed with less interruptions (most days). It feels easier to tackle the challenges and it feels great to conquer them! This week our dear friend Sheila had a milestone birthday! We were delighted to attend her party yesterday given by the very creative Candace at Los Telares (the weavers) restaurant. The decorations were so well coordinated
and Sheila stood out against the pink in her lovely purple outfit.Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture of here, but she is there in the middle and trust me, she looked great! Happy Birthday, Sheila and may the next decade be the best ever! Here's the gift I gave Sheila. It is just here colors. The set garnered oohs and ahhs from those who watched her open her gifts!
I don't seem to have a photo of the matching earrings. Sheila traveled to, of all places, Cleveland, OH in 200 where we met by chance at the CGOA conference. It was her love and enthusiasm for this quaint village of Ajijic that brought us here for the first time and we are grateful! She is an expert crocheter and knitter and just all-around artistic person who makes hadnmade paper books as well. She is always an inspiration to me when I am here. Crochet is our tie that binds! I don't know that I am "conquering" all that much here. A lot of planning goes into selecting which projects I will bring along and what materials I need. Inevitably, I forget an important element that allows me to complete a project. Or, I need something that is just not practical to bring along like a sewing machine! No worries, I do what I can and look forward to finishing everything when I get home. There will be flurry of activity then, and I will pull together the many UFOs (unfinished objects)to my great satisfaction. Here are some shots of what I have been able to accomplish since last week:
Barbie Doll dress: needs two snaps
"Root Beer Barrell" Earrings: need ear wires
Black & Blue Earrings: complete
Textural Tear Drops: I will find a coordinating yarn and turn them into a scarf...or something!


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