Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March is National Crochet Month

Tuesday, March 20, 2012,, Today is primary election day and I hope everyone is off to the polls, like me, to exercise your rights! March is also National Crochet Month.
Started in 1998 by the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA), it was first designated as "National Crochet Week" and was meant as a time for all of us crocheters to celebrate our love of the craft and treat ourselves to some special crochet activity, tool or just "me-time" to do what we love to do! The Craft Yarn Council and their various retailers were already celebrating National Craft Month in March, but we didn't believe that crochet was getting the attention it deserved. So, we hitched on to the them in March and celebrated crochet as an organization. At the Time Pam Oddi was the CGOA President and also the webmaster. As our organization grew and we wielded more influence, we expanded the celebration to a whole month. Shortly thereafter, organizations like the Craft Yarn Council jumped on board and influenced retailers like JoAnn and Michael's to begin celebration crochet as a marketing tooland as a special entity of its won. In 2007, National Crochet Month went International when a group of Ravelers on ravelry.com started NatCroMo. Each year, CGOA joins in NatCroMo as a sponsor and many, many volunteers (hopefully all CGOA members) make this a huge party all during the month.
How will YOU celebrate? I am celebrating all month long by appreciating that I am home and now have my full complement of supplies. In Mexico I enjoyed lots of crochet, but at times I was stopped in my tracks from finished a project because I had forgotten some vital material or other piece to the puzzle. I came home with quite a few WIPs! It feels good to finish them one by one. My freeform challenge project for the International Freeform Crochet Guild (INTFFCG) is grabbing lots of my attention. It is due to be finished April 1 and I am happy and excited about how it is turning out. It must remain a secret, though, until the full color photo book is published some time this summer. Stay tuned.... Also, on March 7, I began another celebration of crochet: Cro-Kween Designs, my fan page,
turned two-years-old on that day. we're having a virtual party for the group with delicious crocheted food and drinks plus games and prizes. Tonight we'll be having a live chat in the group's chat room. Please join us at 6PM central time here: Just click into the chat room and join in on the conversation! It is always both sad and happy to find a vacation ending, especially a relatively long one. We enjoyed one month in Mexico and are glad to be back home. Home is, after all, sweet! It takes a good deal of time to unpack, put things away and get re-organized and re-oriented to a different lifestyle than we lived that last month. But all is well and it is great to be home.


Zebby1967 said...

Looking forward to checking into this further.

Missy said...

I'm learning new patterns this month! I've learned a few new stitches as well.