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The Segments of My Cro-Mind

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
We've just welcomed our second grandchild, a boy, into the world and I spent the last ten days helping out new mommy and "big sister" who is twenty months old!

Hi...My name is Jack!

Big Sis: Chloe

So, on July 22 we headed off for Indianapolis soon after Nicole checked into the hospital. It was her due date and she was ready! I had packed a shopping bag full of random crochet projects. My new mantra is to work only on original designs that come out of my head and to stop wasting time making cute things by following patterns.

Trouble is, the creative, DIY segment of my head gets a little nervous and I always feel like I need a back-up plan/pattern if something goes awry with my original design. Nothing worse than being stuck in the car with no crochet as distraction! My mind also thinks that it is more difficult to "do my own thing." and I tend to procrastinate. Once I start, usually after an idea pops in the shower, I realize it is just stitches and yarns. Putting them together to be creative is play time.

I know that I have waited way too long to get going on the list of ideas I have scratched on paper. It is time to turn them into reality. I feel good about what I accomplished last week. In spite of a running 20 month old, and a week old nursing baby, I believe I made reasonable progress. I always have to have a "brainless" project on hand for total relaxation and here is the only project I "finished" this week

Lion Bath Mitt for Chloe

October is Chapter Challenge time for my Northern IL Chapter and I made great inroads on my entry into the contest. I can't reveal anything as of yet; pics will have to wait. Our challenge is to embellish one of our chapter logo items, be it a T-shirt, bag or even a mug. I am happy with my idea and it seems to be playing out the way I envisioned.

I have held onto an interesting piece of driftwood for years and I am talking YEARS!!! Finally, I made myself take a close look at it, rip off some of the cactus fiber yarn I had crocheted on to it and to start anew with new inspiration. It's colorful, it's wacky and I like it. I am getting close to finishing it. The day I finish and am pleased with the sculpture will be a day of celebration!

I never finished my "Embellished Bag" CAL at Cro-Kween Designs back in the winter. It wasn't my fault...I ran out of the appropriate colors of yarn. The bag with all the little motifs I created is calling to me. Yay! I am out of projects that can distract me and look forward to pulling the embellished bag together soon.

Why do I segment my projects/stitches in my brain and think of some as harder than others? When I find out I'll write about it. I need to work more frequently on just creations to keep the brain cells more limber and more willing to jump right in and guide me to a place of creativity! I'll put that on the To-Do list!


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