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Crochet Touches My Heart!

Monday, July 11, 2011
Who knew that a warm fuzzy feeling about crochet is possible on trip to Home Depot! A chat with Tanya McGuire at Midwest Folk & Fiber Art Fair led to warm fuzzy feelings in her glorious flameworked beads booth! But that's to be expected at such a place! She and I talked about her upcoming booth at Stitches Midwest and I admired one of her crocheted bracelets. All well and good; what does this have to do with Home Depot?

Tanya's bracelet requires plastic tubing and dear hubby didn't have the right size in his garage storage bins! So, off I went to the Depot to find just the right tubing. The young and handsome clerk that showed me the various sizes of tubing ask what I was going to do with it. I told him I was making a bracelet and covering the tubing with crochet.

His first comment was to ask if I had seen the story on CNN about yarn grafitti.
When I told him that I do that myself, he was impressed. I told him about the lion's tail I covered recently. He said his grandmother did crochet non-stop, but he never learned and didn't have the patience for it. As I left with my stash of tubing, I thanked him again and he replied, "I'm happy to be a part of it." AW, how very sweet!

Here is the bracelet I made using Tanya's concept. It is embellished with one of her gorgeous ceramic beads that I got last year.

Be sure to look for her booth at Stitches MW. It is her first time to sell there and I told her to be sure to bring plenty of patterns and ideas for crocheters!

I was also touched this week to find that I was featured as a crochet artist on the blog "Crochet Concupiscence.
I was very flattered by this prolific and ardent crochet writer. My art on my website was referred to, and I was reminded that I don't update my website anymore since I am so active on Ravelry and flickr.

Next week, I will post some of my newest art creations that aren't on the blog.


CrochetBlogger said…
So fun to find crochet interest in unexpected places like that!

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