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Last Week in Paradise

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
I was super busy yesterday wrapping up our three-month stay here in Ajijic: last manicure; eating one last time at a favorite restaurant, Tony's; picking up the mail one last time; boxing up some things to leave in the house; working on technical difficulties with PayPal and wrestling with YouTube!

Life just doesn't slow down! I don't want it to! Well, maybe sometimes....I purposely didn't kill myself to blog last night because today is the launch of my new e-newsletter, "Talking Crochet" and I wanted to share the link with you! I am the newest editor and I write the newsletter once a month sharing it with another editor. This is the second edition of the newsletter that I have written and I don't know what happened last month; I didn't promote it. I was probably still so shocked that they approached me to be the Editor and so mesmerized by my new life in Ajijic, that I just plain forgot! If the link doesn't go directly to my latest edition, check the archives for March 29, 2011.
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I've been wanting to do a video on bead-crochet forever. On April 3, I am launching a Bead-Crochet Crochet-Along (CAL) on my designer fan group on Ravelry. So, no time like the present to get my video tutorial up there on YouTube. If you are interested in learning bead-crochet, go to and search
Basic Bead-Crochet 1 (of 3)
Basic Bead-Crochet 2 (of 3)
Basic Bead-Crochet 3 (of 3)
or click here:
If you already like to do bead-crochet, I hope you will join me on Ravelry for the CAL, April 3!

Friend Sheila graciously invited us to make one last trip to Guadalajara to go shopping the the tourist area called Tlaquepaque (say that 3 times!) last Saturday. This is an area that features folk art from all around Mexico, as well as upscale derivations of same to meet the needs of modern homes all over the world. It is a "must-see" kind of place for us even though we already have tons of folk art from Mexico. Nevertheless, it is always inspirational.

This time there were two very special and divergent highlights. The moment we stepped out of our parking garage, we were captivated by a shop in which huge, colorful and almost floating flowers drew us in. At second look, what were they but mixed media with CROCHET! The crochet was combined with shapes made of some kind of printed plastic. Out of respect for the artist, I will not describe them in any more detail, but here is just one photo:

The second highlight was at a restaurant Sheila took us to for lunch: deep fried hibiscus flowers! We had never tasted this delightful appetizer, let alone heard of it! the thought of the crunchy goodness inside a spongy delicious tortilla covered with bleu cheese sauce still has me grinning!

Here are some views of our day in Tlaquepaque:
Del Corazon de la Tierra: Tribal Arts


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