Monday, March 21, 2011

Ajijic: An Artist Colony

Monday, March 21, 2011
Most every region in Mexico, from Oaxaca to the Yucatan, has a rich history of folk art. Ajijic, where we have spent a very pleasant winter, is designated in guidebooks as an artist colony. It is true, there are numerous shops and boutiques where art is for sale. Foreigners with a bent toward the artistic seem to gravitate to this town and live out their later years fulfilling their desires to create art or explore their lifelong hobbies further. Indigenous artisans find their way to Ajijic to sell their wares at the weekly open-air market and along the lakefront of Lake Chapala which attaracts many visitors.

Today, I want to compile photos of the colorful artisans and their art. I may have mentioned some of them in passing over the last 10 weeks, but here they are all in one place in their glorious color and creativity.
Just everyday life: painting on a local house.

Metal sculptures in the plaza for Three Kings Day
Art on the walls at the Cultural Center
Art for Sale on the Plaza. They think nothing of reproducing works like Frida Kahlo!

Mural on the Plaza

A Cheerfully Decorated Shop

Painting on Our House: Casa Tecolote (Owl House)
Colorful Fruit Displayed Artistically to Simulate Aztec Pyramids
Mural on Chameleon Bar

Making Corn Husk Flowers
Making Leather Shoes

Cooking Tripe on the Street: An Art in Itself!

Huichol Bead Art

Ex-Pats Adding to Their Manual Skills: Bead-Crochet Class

Stitch Y Bitch: Mexico!

Inside a Gallery
Twig Art

Our daughter's (and our) friend, Antonio, from Culiacan visited us yesterday. He brought us this unique gourd art which has added a colorful bit of cheer to our living room.
Antonio explained that this is the only folk art typical to his state of Sinaloa. It is primarily an agricultural state, producing corn and tomatoes. In fact there is a Campbell's Soup processing plant there.

We hadn't seen Antonio in five years and we had a wonderful visit with him!

Weaver From Oaxaca


Cindy said...

Wonderful, colorful fun! Thanks! I live in a little stucco cottage and this makes me want to paint a frame of flowers around the front door.

Barbara said...

How beautiful and colorful your area is! Of course I love the gourd art cause I make it too! It's wonderful how people express themselves through art.

Hugs XX