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What We Like and Dislike!

Monday, February 7, 2011
We've kept busy since I last reported in. Friday evening we walked to the home of artist, Javier Zaragoza, to see an exhibit of his works. The notice in the paper promoted his garden as an attraction and that drew my interest. It was well worth the walk to the far west end of town to see his lovely garden setting.
Snuck a picture of Alan (wink, wink)

Zaragoza himself dancing!

Things are beginning to come together for us after being here for 5 weeks. We are beginning to see familiar faces now. Javier was one of the judges in the walking cane decorating contest last weekend. He is reknown for his mural painting in Chapala. The band we enjoyed at the Tarahumara fundraising event was at Javier's providing lovely music and even got some to jump in and dance. We ran into Donna bead-crochet student)and her husband at the exhibit also. After enjoying the pleasant evening and atmosphere and some simple appetizers, we headed home.

Saturday found us doing some transplanting in the yard. Things grow so profusely here that sometimes different plants get all entangled! I hate that! I have been watching gorgeous lily flowers peeking out from under the geraniums for long enough! I dug up the bulbs and moved them forward in front of the geraniums so they can breathe and flourish! Same thing happened with the star jasmine. It was being smothered by the honeysuckle. So, I cut out all the honeysuckle and moved the roots. Now the star jasmine is flourishing and new blooms are appearing daily.

Its heavenly scent blows onto the patio and that's just what I had in mind!
A vibrant lily.
I've been neglectful of the lowly geraniums. They are really quite nice and bloom profusely.

We walked down to the pier and had It was really tasty and I had chilaquiles which is grilled chicken on top of crispy tortillas then covered in green sauce and melted cheese. Yum. We particularly enjoyed the robust coffee and great strawberry jam on fresh bread.
A HUGE eucalyptus tree we passed on our walk.

Alan spent the afternoon trimming the orange tree and harvesting over 200 oranges.

We've been giving them away and I think I'll try to freeze some. The gardener says he wants to spray the trees and that's why we had to pick all of the fruit.

Today we had hoped to go to the movies and walked there, but there was nothing on that we wanted to see. This is the third time we've gone there to try and see TRON! It is a new complex and they haven't started putting ads in the paper yet. Go figure? No problem, we just considered it our daily walk and swung by Walmart for a few necessities!

As my title says, I am going to list of few of the quirky things here in Ajijic that we like and dislike after being here for 5 weeks.

-missing the kids and grandbaby. Thank goodness for video chat!
-mashing potatoes with a potato masher (non-electric)
-feeling like we "should" get up before the maid arrives on M-W-F. I have stopped worrying about what she thinks of seeing me in pajamas!
-the small TV is not so bad, but I do wish we had DVR. If I miss a favorite show, I miss it! Ah, but I set my DVR back at home to record all my favs; so I will have some catching up to do if I miss something here!
-no rain and dusty shoes

Ya know, as I started the list of things I don't like, I realized that there is always a solution. Even if something isn't solvable, there is probably something different that can take its place in the "like" column. Maybe its best to just have a likes column.

-the view from my kitchen window
-no rain
-long walks
-the hummingbird showing up twice a day to re-fill at the flower station!
-the local artisans
We passed this man standing on the corner weaving a fishing net. He allowed me to take a few shots of the proces

-warm sun on the patio and following its path as the day goes on.
-frequently being in awe!
-having DSL internet in the house; it is our connection to family and life back home
-watching flowers bloom each day in my yard.
-having so many fruit trees in the yard and fresh orange juice daily
-weekly open-air fresh vegetable and fruit market
-buying prepared Mexican-style foods at Walmart and not having to cook
-really inexpensive meals when we go out to eat. It has gotten more and more expensive here, though, over the years that we have been coming.
-weekly crochet and knit group-it's called "A String Thing" here
-enjoying the slow pace here; lots of spare time to read and crochet!
-I actually enjoy hanging clothes out to dry on the line in the sun.


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