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Wearing Crochet Sells Itself!

Monday February 28, 2011
Tomorrow is March 1 and it doesn't seem possible that we've been in our little Mexican abode for two months!

This past Saturday seemed to be the day for art shows; we took in three! The first one featured a new friend who was in my bead crochet class this week. She happens also to be from Chicago but lives here full time. She said she learned to drive and to paint since she came here. I was very impressed by her paintings.

I always try to put on some crochet or some interesting jewelry when I am among an artsy crowd. My choice this time proved to be potentially fruitful. I wore an incredible necklace of unusual beads made in Taxco that I have had since we lived in Mexico City in the early nineties.

I know the artist who created my necklace is dead now, but lo and behold, an artist, Andrea, at the second show we went to had a necklace for sale with the same unique beads. She hails from Augusta, GA, but spent a little time in Cuernavaca where I bought my necklaces!

Copyright laws are not really respected here. It is highly possible that the Taxco artisans who executed the silver beads for the artist who I bought my necklace from have continued making what he taught them, even after his death. It would make sense!

Anyway, since I've been here, I've sold two of the same necklaces that I invested in over 20 years ago and I have just one ring made with the same type of bead left. Andrea said she would be very interested in seeing it and maybe doing a trade.

That would be fun; she had lovely silver rings and said she used to own a "very exclusive" gallery in Augusta. She dropped the name, "Bill Gates." :)

My necklaces brought me into discussions with some other crafters and one in particular is very interested in private crochet lessons. I started talking to her because she was wearing earrings just like I have. Turns out I bought those earrings from HER in the weekly market several years ago!

The 3rd art exhibit we went to was in a very lovely setting

and I was really taken by the orchids that were growing so profusely!

My bead crochet last Wed. was a success, I would say. I had eight students who left happy with their newly acquired skills. For the majority, it was a bit of a struggle to get the hang of it. Here, apparently, not too many crochet with fine threads and steel hooks. That in itself, is an adjustment. Add the beads to the mix and as one put it, "you start seeing double."

They all had good attitudes which is always a relief-no whining which I really appreciate!
One of the women was very inspired by my Frida cabochon brooch which was in the display I showed all this students. She talked me into selling her my precious Frida pin from the Famous Faces Series!
I can and I will make another one!

A woman from my hometown, Ft. Wayne, IN, lives here full time now. She was an aquaintance of my brother and small world as it is, we met up here this week and had lunch to catch up on her learning curve since moving here lock, stock and barrel back in October. She has educated herself well and is rolling with the punches. It's Mexico; not everything goes as planned.

Some views from our walk on Saturday-we trekked up about 500-600 feet above our house:
View of the lake from above.


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