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A Photo Essay of My Week

Monday, January 17, 2011

It takes a lot of planning and thinking to move thousands of miles from home for three months! I am finding out how convenient it is to have a lifetime of collections at my fingertips at "home." I have lots of time to crochet here, but I am finding that with each project I start, there is some little niggling thing that hangs me up: the gorgeous "Fat-Bottom Purse" in linen-no handles; Anniversary Miser Purse-no plastic ring to connect the chains (that one was resolved at the hardware store-yay! commplete!); cute little scarf from Vicki Howell, but didn't have the right yarn. No matter, I made it anyway.
It turned out too big, but that's okay. It will make a nice gift one day when I need one in a hurry. As they say here, "asi es la vida." (Such is life).

I'm not complaining. In April when I am back in my studio, I will have a week when I rangle all those niggling little things together and I will look like a Super-Crocheter finishing so much in one week!

Here are a few photos that show a bit of our life this week in Ajijic.
Our Casita

While we were on a walk, I spied this very dead-looking vine clinging to a wall. "Perfect for yarn=bombing," I thought.

The Queen adorning Mother nature with crochet

Close Up: Flowers in black (death) with a touch of pink (hope). The lady sitting nearby on the street selling candy and chips was convinced that this vine will flower again when the rains start in May. Let's hope so. Meanwhile, it is a study in texture and fiber.
We went to an art show at a gallery. The murals on the walls were as interesting, if not moreso, than the art! Picture this mural running up the wall and then continuing overhead. Impressive!!

While walking in our neighborhood, we were admiring the bougainvilla and the owner saw us. She invited us in to see her garden. WOW, she has a GREEN thumb. I was most impressed with a piece of volcanic rock that had a small hole in it which she filled with the tiniest of cati (1/2"). One even had a bloom. Miraculous!
Poinsettas grow wild here!
I am watching my bougainvilla grow by the inches everyday! Note the contrasting colors over the neighbor's wall against the sky.
Bottle Brush plant
Art Show on the Plaza
Both Americans and Mexicans participate.

After the show, we went to LaBodega Restaurant where they were holding a fundraiser for the Tarahumara Indians of the Copper Canyon. A woman from here drives there once a year and delivers blankets which are donated by the community. Apparently they go down into the canyon in winter to stay warm and still it is very cold for these cave dwellers. We gave a really heavy blanket in hopes that it will warm someone this winter.
The pasta buffet wasn't exactly what we were expecting, but we enjoyed it, especially the guacamole! A portion of the meal sales went to the Tarahumara also. To learn more, there is an easy read on Wikipedia:


Kara said…
What a beautiful part of the world you are able to live in Gwen! I especially love your yarn bombing of the dead looking vine, I think it will come back to life also. A little crochet magic works wonders.
Anonymous said…
I am loving the vine you decorated! How wonderful!!!
Anonymous said…
What a great idea with the vine!

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