Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Type-A Crochet

For type-A personalities who like to stay organized, keep on track and get things done, isn't crochet a strange bedfellow? Now, now, don't panic; I'm not going to give up crocheting. I have just been mindful this week that here it is Wed. and my vow to post on Mondays went by the wayside. I have been skittering around in a mad rush all week, post Thanksgiving, crocheting in the car; crocheting between wrapping presents that have to be amiled, thinking about packing for Mexico, teaching crochet; crocheting to finish gifts.

I JUST NEVER GET DONE AND NEVER SEEM TO STOP BEING IN A RUSH! Isn't crochet supposed to be relaxing? I am still having fun, though, and loving my crochet still. The ideas keep coming to my head; and anyone who crochets knows that it is SO much fun to start a project! It must be the weekly hanging out in the yarn shop that is so stimulating. I know for a fact that it's where I get a lot of ideas.

Ideas come from everywhere, actually. That's a problem. Too many ideas; too little time. Not complaining. I just keep putting one hook in front of the other and I rejoice each time a project is finished. I get a thrill when I can add a photo to my online photobook on is it about us type-As and the crochet? How do we tolerate the slow pace of our beloved craft? It must be the rhythmic movements that lull us into a sense of relaxation, yet all the while allows our type-A minds to keep revolving around ideas, solutions, and what to do next!

I mentioned the rocks last week....they are done and they have names. They are photographed; wrapped and in the box ready to go.
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, front:


I Love Rocky Road, Front:


Well, the time has come; the clock is ticking. I have miles to go before I meet former work friends for dinner. I'll run to the mall for a gift card from a specialty store for a family we are supporting for Christmas at the gym. I will run down the road from there to get a specialty beer that tastes like tequila (???) for my son-in-law! I've been holding on to an article about this beer for months; didn't lose it! What did he do to deserve me? All very efficient and this Type-A Crocheter is proud of all she is getting done. Tick, tick ticking...and if I have time to spare, my crochet will be in the car with me!

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