Monday, December 20, 2010

My World is About to Change!

December 20, 2010: I am feeling under control, but should I? In 12 days, we will be boarding a plane with two suitcases each, plus a carry-on with all the worldly possessions that will sustain us for three months while we are wintering in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico!! That's not to say that we won't be able to buy something critical that we've forgotten. Of course, we will. We can even most likely purchase any medications we might need, without a prescription. But we're not going to forget those. It is the yarn and patterns and stitch guid that I am worried about!

The shopping is done, the presents are under the tree; the menu is set and I have started some preparations for the meal. We have a tradition of doing hordeurves and desserts on Christmas day. I am soooo looking forward to having our children and precious granddaughter here.
Chloe turned one on November 24, 2010.
We will eat, laugh, play games, laugh and then have to say good bye for three months. I will MISS them terribly, but this is part of our dream that must be played out. I have a feeling that the three months will fly by, and then we will step back into our world that is Rolling Meadows, IL and resume where we left off!

Once the kids leave, we will move into "super-charged" mode and take down the tree and all the decorations (I put up less this year!) and make one final check of everything in the house and then zip it all in the suitcases so we're ready to go.
One of my suitcases is designated as the one to carry the yarn! I can buy yarn in Ajijic! Dear friend Sheila has quite a stash, and she is willing to sell. It's just not the same; I need a sense of feeling prepared. I have plans. I have things that need to be completed because they have been accepted by a magazine to be published. There is a deadline to meet!

As we get closer and things begin to take shape, this is seeming less like a vacation and more like a "transfer" to another part of the world to continue our work! Alan will be working half-time and I have work to do too. HOWEVER, it's another world that we will be living and working in. We will be immersed in the Mexican culture and it is a much slower pace. It will be warm, well warm-ER. Nights have been getting down to 35 degrees; that's better than 20, but not much. We don't have central heating there either-just a space hearter. No worries. It WILL get warmer with each week that passes and we are counting on the sunny days to reach 75 degrees! Everything we do will take longer and we will have no car. We will walk everywhere. Ah, enforced exercise. That's a good thing!

Stay tuned.......I will be reporting weekly as usual on how our adjustment to semi-retirement is playing out.

Good news on the home front......One of the a artists from my upcoming book on crochet as art, Carol Hummel, is coming to the area to do an installation at the Morton Arboretun in Lisle, IL. Oh, this is so very exciting. She first gained crochet fame when she covered trees in front of City Hall in Cleveland Heights, OH with CROCHET! back in 2005.
Carol Hummell working on a tree in Cleveland Heights, OH.
Crocheters in the area will have the opportunity to participate by coming to the workshops in Jan. Feb. and Mar. and learning to make "lichen." I am so sorry that I won't be here for those, but I look forward to seeing the installation when it is up in the Spring.

Our CGOA chapter has decided to get involved in any way we can as the installation date nears (April 3, 2011). We are volunteering our services and the folks at the arboretum seemed very grateful for our offer.

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