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Caught in the Holiday Fray!!!

December 4, 2010
Caught in the Holiday Fray!!!
Where did last Monday go? Can anyone tell me? Not only am I trying to keep up with the ideas for designs that keep popping in my head, but I am also trying to get some handmade gifts done for the holidays. Then there is the matter of preparing for Thanksgiving, but that's not so bad as dear daughter, Nicole is hosting. Throw in a pre-Thanksgiving visit to dear Dad and a surprise birthday party for cousin Alan while we were there. Good news is that we were already there so didn't have to make a special visit for the birthday party.

Throw in another week in MI to babysit sweet baby Chloe while her parents fly off to Miami for a well-deserved get-away to somewhere warm. I am thrilled to have the opportunity and maybe I will get some crocheting done while she naps if I am not too exhausted from chasing a one-year old around the house! Getting a Chloe-fix will be good since we will be away from her for three months this winter while in Mexico.

I was reminded this past weekend that two of my niece's daughters LOVE rocks. I decided I must cover a couple of rocks for them for a present and got started on one today. What fun! I think they will be thrilled and it will be a special rock in each of their collections.

"Never too old to earn a buck," I say, and last week that proved true for me. As with most things in my life, there is a connection to yarn. A while ago one of my crochet students and I had a conversation about speaking Spanish and she works for a lawyer. Her office was in need of an interpreter and I told her I could do it. Miraculously, when the person was served her summons, she began to speak English! Anyway, Rosemary remembered me when another lawyer in her building needed an interpreter last week. This one worked out and I went to Court and interpreted for a divorce case. I'm more experienced in medical interpreting and this was my first time with legal interpreting. I was a bit nervous. It wasn't 100% perfect, but we got through it just fine. Hopefully, this lawyer will call me next time she needs help.

I also went to a craft fair over the weekend with my sister-in-law and same niece and that gave me dozens of more ideas!!! My fingers just can't craft fast enough. Isn't crafting supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing?? I always seems to be behind the eight ball and rushing to get a project done so I can start another and I always have at least four started and laying in wait. I am not complaining, I am having a blast and will enjoy sending off each and every gift.

The festivities start tonight when I join Las Chicas (my Spanish coversation group) for dinner at Tacos Al Norte, a new palce for us. Sadly, Barbarita will be missing as she had to fly out to CO. Her son was hurt in a skiing accident and was to have surgery on his back. Our thoughts will be with her tonight.

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