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Fall is in the Air

Thursday, September 30 ...and I am stoked!! Is it the crisp air and golden sunshine? Is it the premiere of all my favorite "must-see TV" shows: House, Glee, The Office, Thirty Rock and Grey's Anatomy? Is it the excitement in my LYS for crochet and my classes filling up? Is it the anticipation of dear s-i-l, Alice's visit next week and our late-night fiber talks? (She is a marvelous quilter and has a Masters in Quilt History)? Is it my long-anticipated appearance on Getting Loopy this week? Or is it just plain too much caffeine??

We our without internet until Oct. 6 thanks to an ATT-Snafu of the first kind! (Lonnnng story) so I started out making daily trips to Starbucks to check email. It's a comfortable community there. Are the emplyees paid more than minimum wage, because they seem really happy and polite? Or is it the caffeine they sniff all day? The wi-fi is FREE too, but I was spending a fortune on pumpkin-spice latess!

Lucky for us, dear neighbor and friend, Gerry, went on a vacation to Turkey yesterday and she graciously said we could use her wi-fi at her house for our daily checks! Thanks, Ger!

Anyway, my mind is popping with creative ideas and my Mac Rock Project is coming along nicely (due Oct. 1) I get real happy when an art project that I see in my head turns out like I envisioned. One never knows where the yarn/thread and/or the hook will lead us, but that is part of the exciting pathway that is creativity! I will explain and post pictures when it is done. I'll just tell you that it results from a combo-inspiration of our Mackinac Island trip this past Summer and the Blair Witch Project!

Chloe at the Pumpkin Patch:

There is some nostalgia in the Fall too as I bring out my Fall decor which I have downsized to minimal at best-only the best quality pumpkin theme for me. I also include my Day of the Dead shrine to our relatives who have died to remember them with fondness: Drexel and Dorothy (my parents-in-law) and my mother, also "Dorothy." I just happened to think this morning that I should also move the pics of our beloved pets, Sandy and Gizmo, to the shrine also. Will do! The Mexicans have such a positive attitude about life and life-thereafter. I have to say, I feel warmth and a smile comes to my face when I pass by the shrine in my living room and remember the wonderful times with these dearly departed family members, surrounded by the colors and textures of Mexico!


Sheila said…
Here in Mexico our Day of the Dead altars are outdoors, so we don't erect them until the end of October. Of course, they always contain the favorite food and beverages of the departed, so they wouldn't linger long in the daily sunshine. On Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 ("Day" is a misnomer; the celebration is actually two nights), people go around looking at altars the way folks up north look at Christmas decorations. A big difference is that in Mexico, you'll be invited in (even if you're a stranger) to share in the hospitality that honors the souls who have passed from this life. There will be music, candles, and much merriment: a true celebration of the lives that were.
Thanks fo your comment,Sheila. It sounds so inviting. What is the Spanish word fo "altar"? I always get a mental block on that one. I even looked up "shrine" but"santario" ddn't sound right. Just now I remembered "altar", but the espanol is not coming to my brain!
Jeff B. said…
Oh, ha, ha, ha about AT&T! I learned yesterday that the great-granddaughter of Alexander Graham Bell, Helene Pancoast, who lives in Coconut Grove, has been without phone service for three weeks because of a pissing match between FP&L and AT&T over a damaged utility pole. It's all over the Internet. So funny! And so richly deserved. AT&T is an abomination - not much better than the cable companies.

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