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August 2, 2010-Catching up with photos over these last 8 months that have FLOWN by. To see the birth story and early photos, scroll below.

Loves to swim!

Loves to play!

June 2010-Chloe's Christening-dress crocheted by Crochetqueen!

May 29, 2010-At Papa's 90th Birthday with 2nd cousin Kaylee-7 months old

Easter 2010-6 months old

St Patty's Day 2010-3 1/2 months old

February 2010-2 1/2 months old

Her first vacation-Florida February 2010-2 months old
CHLOE MARIE : Born November 24, 2009 at 12:27 PM to Nicole and Jeff Wawok. She weighed 6#-7 oz and was 20 inches long. Of course she is gorgeous and cute and the full head of black hair is definitely a plus!Becoming a "Grandma" ("GiGi" in Gwen-language) for the first time is amazing, wonderful, fun and challenging all at the same time. Others would have a myriad of other adjectives to add, I am sure. It's tiring too, so I am going to cut and paste snippets from messages that I have sent out since her birth. They will be accurate and up to the minute thoughts that I have had anyway. Moreso than if I were to try and re-capture those thougts now on day seven!

December 25: Alan, Beth and I traveled to Northville to be with our new little Christmas angel and of course, her parents. the trip was uneventful except we couldn't find any fast food joints open so we got no breakfast! Cant say thati have been out on the road on Christmas Day in a long time!We enjoyed hordeurves, Chicago beef sandwiches and all kinds of sweets with Jeff's folks too!

Too, too cute!

 On the gorgeous quilt made by Great Aunt Alice. It matches Chloe's room perfectly!

Snuggling the crocheted fishy made by Auntie Josie (CroJo)

Saturday, Dec. 5: We all slept in this morning including Chloe. Nicole and Jeff had an appt. at noon to go to the Firestation to have their car seat inspected and they took Chloe along. Right after that they came back to get us and we went for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. It was tasty and Chloe was well-behaved although Nicole was a little shy about her crying one little lapse of 4 minutes, so she held her! (Shel'll adapt to the percieved stares)!

Alan and I toured around Plymouth a bit and I got more of the same yarn as I had discovered I would need a bit more. Overall, a really lazy day. We ate leftovers and are now "babysitting" as Nicole and Jeff have gone to a neighbor's house for a Christmas party. One half hour after they left, Nicole sent a text to see how "we" are doing. Now that's a good mom!

Friday, Dec. 4: I spent my day in aticipation of Alan returning and bringing daughter, Bethany, along for her first meeting of Chloe! We thoroughly enjoyed the cinnamon loaf Sarah had so graciously brought to us yesterday. Nicole didn't leave the house but I went out to print some precious photos of Chloe. I must have these ready when I return home next week to put in my "Gigi Brag Book." I picked up the ingredients for potroast which seems in order for this very chilly day.

Beth and Alan got here from Chicago at 9:30 and we lucky not to run into any snow. Bethany immediately swept Chloe into her arms and enjoyed in amazement!

Thursday, Dec 3: Another leisurely morning. I treated Nicole to lunch today and we went to Edward's to give a boost to the local Northville economy! It is really a delightful and delicious little place where we had soup and sandwiches. To me, it was so reminiscent of when Nicole was first born. We had so many people, men and women notice Chloe and stop to comment how cute, small and amazing she is to be just 9 days old! We made a quick stop at the grocery and got home just in time for Nicole's friend Sarah to stop by for a visit. What a sweet young lady she is. I enjoyed getting to know her better. She is a young, experienced mother of Olivia, 7 months. She offered some very valuable tips to Nicole from her reservoir of experience with babies who don't want to lay in the crib at night!

Wed. Dec. 2: Things are starting to even out now. I set the alarm and went to Curves this morning. It felt good! Nicole and Chloe were up and about when I got home so I fixed Nicole an omelet breakfast. No harm in spoiling her while I am here!

Today is the day I must venture out and get to the yarn store, with or without Nicole, but in the daylight. I have used up all the yarn I brought along and I really would not like Jeff and Nicole see me go into a yarn-deprived meltdown!

Nicole and I had another sucessful outing this afternoon. We went to CVS and I got a few photos printed for my "Gigi's Brag Book." She also dropped me off for a quick trip to the yarn store. Sweet success! My purchase of Berroco Comfort Dk in variegated red/blue/yellow/green and some adorable butterfly buttons were 15% off! I am going to make a most interesting little sweater for Pippie. One of the guild members brought the finished sweater to the last meeting and it is called a "hexagon Sweater." free online at:

Tues. Dec. 1: "Hi Beth and Alan,
We had a good day yesterday. Nic and I took Chloe out shopping. She is still wanting to be held all night, but is eating only every three hours so that is great!

I tried to go to the yarn shop last night when Jeff got home from work, but couldn't find it. I will probably try again today. The neighbor Cheryl wants to come meet Chloe today also.

Nicole is doing great and Jeff is too! I think he is glad to be at work though."

"Hi Lynn,
Well, Chloe is 7 days old today and I think we have gotten over a hump. She has been in her cradle for an hour and a half! We put the sleep sheep on with mother's "heartbeat" and that was just what she needed. She is averaging every three hours to eat. she is so sweet and precious and all her clothes are too big!

Nicole feels good and is getting a decent amount of sleep."
"Hi Ger, Well, Chloe is 7 days old today and the time has flown! She is so sweet and is doing great. She is averaging 3 hours in between feedings which I think is real good for her age. She still doesn't want to be laid down in her bassinet very well, but did spend 2 hours there this afternoon. Our first Christmas miracle!

Nicole and I are just floating through the days meeting Chloe's every need. I didn't get up until 10:00 today and we didn't go out shopping until 5:15 PM! Chloe had visitors again today: the sweet neighbor, Cheryl and her 4 year old. Little Hadley couldn't stop saying how "cute" Chloe is. She liked touching her hair! Jeff went back to work yesterday and I think was glad about that.

Nicole feels pretty good and she's energetic today and seems to be getting in the groove."

Mon. Nov. 30: Nicole is feeling like she needs some fresh air today and it is a wonderful sunny day to venture out on our first shopping spree. Chloe ate real well and filled up, so we took off while she was contentedly asleep about 11:00 AM. We were able to take in Pier One, Bed Bath & Beyond,the grocery AND have lunch at Einstein's Bagels without her even waking up once. She slept a while after we were home too. Ah, mother's milk is rich and wonderful stuff.

I keep occupied with doing some cooking and it is spaghetti and meatballs tonight. Just didn't get enough pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving so I made another one!

Sunday, Nov. 29:"Thanks Larry! Glad you are company for Alan while I am here. Chloe Marie is doing fine, but Nicole is not getting much sleep! "

Today Chloe had her first visitors. Nicole's dear friend from high school now lives in Midland, MI. Millie and her husband Mike came to a mall nearby here to shop and then came over afterwards to meet Chloe Marie. Millie had many questions and it was cute to hear what she wanted to know. (pre-pregnancy, perhaps?) They were amazed and delighted by Chloe and of course, got to hold her. As alwasy, it was great for me to see them.

Sat. Nov. 28:. "We had a wonderful anniversary (11/25) and Thanksgiving gift and celebration here in MI. There are pics on my FB page and hope to put up more soon. Momma, baby and Jeff are doing great! She is precious and so cute!"

November 27: Things are looking up here; Chloe is staying by herself in the basinet longer and longer. Nicole's milk came in and I think this is helping. She loves being swaddled and having her hands by her face.

Alan went home this morning as did the rest of the thanksgiving guests. So it is real quiet and just the 4 of us here. We sent Jeff out for some fresh air, tennis and the grocery. I hope to put some more pics up soon!

We are still enjoying left-overs too and I made turkey curry last night. I will enjoy cooking while Nicole tends to Chloe this week. I hope to help them put up their tree also. Neighbors around here started before T-Day with the lights!

November 26: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! In spite of it all, our meal turned out great and we have ten for dinner at 2PM. Jane holds Chloe during the meal so Nic and Jeff can enjoy. After our wonderful meal, we are all a little sleepy; Chloe is asleep and content in Cas'(f-i-l) arms. She refuses to lay by herself in the cradlle! Mind of her own already, but so mini and precious. More pics on my facebook page.It's even a little hard for us to believe, even looking at her in arms. Momma and baby doing well and nursing real well too. She already has a mind of her own and refuses to be laid down! We have plenty of warm and loving arms this thanksgiving Day to satisfy all her desires! HA!

November 25: Happy Anniversary to Alan and I! Jane and I spend the day cooking. Alan and I take a break and go out for a late lunch. Chloe is nursing well and Jeff says they are packing up their things and expecting to come home about 5 PM. They are just waiting on Chloe to urinate for the first time! 10:00 PM: Chloe was stubborn and there was paperwork too, but the new little family arrives home. 11:00 PM: the rest of the family arrive from out of town.

November 24, 2009: 2 AM: Nicole is getting some good contractions and is at 3 cm. She is given some morphine to make her "not care about" the pain. 2:00 AM: we notice she is slightly loopy and the contractions are not bothering her as much. Alan, Jane & I decide to go to their house and get some sleep.The nurse has said that on average she will progress one cm per hour, so that puts birth at 12:30 PM. 3:00 AM: pretty much asleep when Bethany texts to see what is going on. 5:00 AM: Jeff texts to say that they've started the epidural and all is well but she is still at 3 cm. We re-set the alarm for 7:00 AM We arrive at the hospital at 10:00 AM and Nicole has progressed to a "good 6 cm." She is handling the contractions well and appears to be in the stage where she is social still. The nurse explained that her contractions are progressing well, but that she will be real intense when she is ready to deliver. She told Nicole to expect a real strong urge to push. Nicole had been reading some of her birth class papers to us and explained that from 0-7 cm, the mother is social and coping well. From 7-10, she is NOT social and puts all her energy into concentrating on the contractions. 12:00 PM: Nicole says she felt a gush of liquid and wondered if it was blood. I told her to push the call light to have the nurse check. Right after that, Nicole said she has to "push." I urged her to call the nurse even though Jeff was not believing what Nicole thought she felt. Seriously, Nicole remained in such good spirits all through this, that I never felt the need to get out my crochet. We were mosting just visiting the whole time! 12:10 PM: The dr. comes in to check Nicole and Jane and I go out into the hall. All of a sudden 4 people are scurrying around us putting on long white boots and we hear the nurse say, "I need my room; she is complete!" Jeff comes to the door to tell us she is 10 cm and he had seen the baby's head. 12:27 PM: Chloe Marie comes into the world after only 5 pushes! Good work, Nicole and Jeff!

Alan and I are thrilled to announce that Chloe Marie (6-7oz, 20 inches) came into the world on 11/24! Of course as first-time grandparents, we think she is gorgeous with her full head of black hair. Pictures are on my Facebook page. She is a wonderful treat for our anniversary (11/25) and Thanksgiving! Proud parents, Nicole and Jeff, are doing well.

November 23: Nicole is having her baby-being induced and we are leaving for MI real soon, but I will have my laptop with me. Closing down my laptop and leaving for MI soon. Nicole is being induced as we speak! They expect Pippie to arrive tomorrow or the middle of the night! Will keep you posted!
Love, Aunt Gwen
I have had my suitcase packed since last week, so it was easy for us to get on the road, as soon as Alan wrapped up a couple of things at his office. Top priority was packing a variety of crochet projects to soothe the nerves in anticipation of a long walk. We got to MI at 8 PM and Nicole had just been given the "pill" to start effacement. Her amount of amniotic flui was lower even today, so induction is the best route. Baby's heartbeat and mother's B/P are great! Jane (m-i-l), Jeff and I were the only ones alowed in the labor room because of H1N1. Poor Alan had to stay in the waiting room; no alternating of guests was allowed. Nicole was starting to have some contractions along with the effacement and was doing some walking, so she went to the door of the waiting room to say "hi" to Alan and to get a hug!

November 19, 2009: After a sonogram indicated a low amount of amniotic fluid, Nicole was sent to the hospital for fetal monitoring: Great relief that all is well. I think she will have a good experience with a small baby.


robynlicious said…
Congratulations, Gwen! I'm sure we'll see plenty more baby clothes at future guild meetings!
Vaughnde said…
Oh Gwen, she is adorable! Have fun being a granny! I enjoy my 5 grands and babysit the youngest one at least 3or 4 days a week :)

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