Thursday, July 16, 2009

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

I'm going to be a grandmother and I am READY!

I can remember a time when I wasn't ready to be a grandmother, like before she was married. That wouldn't have been cool! AAabout a year ago, I began to atart getting ready. Before that, it just didn't seem like me. Then, little tidbits started coming out in conversation with the new mom, Nicole and hubby, Jeff. Gradually, I started getting used to the idea and getting excited about what all it means. Now, I'm ready in many ways. Eotionally, I am excited about a new little being I can pamper and we were especially THRILLED last Saturday when they told us it is going to be a GIRL!!! I like girls! Schedule wise I am ready. My book is done. Yeah, yesterday, I turned in the final edits to the editor.I've been at it for fifteen months and it is a relief and a pleasure to be done and to go into "waiting mode" for the book, The Fine Art of Crochet, to be released in Spring 2010!

Of course, crochet-wise, I am ready too! In fact, I have been crocheting baby things for years and laying them away for the eventuality that one day I would be a grandmother. I must have made the christening gown ten years ago! So, maybe I have been more ready than I thought. No, I don't think so. I just like to crochet things when I see a pattern that strikes my fancy! I love to crochet! To see the things I have made already, go to my page on Ravelry:

I can remember a time when I wasn't even ready to be a parent. Alan and I were married for ten years before Nicole came along. No, we didn't have trouble. We knew what we were doing! I worked as a Family Planning Nurse Practitioner and had all the modern conveniences of birth control at hand. I think I wanted to try each and everyone so to be well versed for my patients! Kidding aside, we were just living life, serving in the Peace Corps, serious about our careers and when the time was right, it was perfect right! Nicole was a wonderful additon to our family and we cherish everything about her presence in our life. She and Jeff are taking their pregnancy very seriously, studying, listening and doing everything right for a helathy outcome. We wish them every blessing that we have had as parents!

Four years later, we were ready again and that's when Bethany came along. I couldn't say it during the preganacy, but gee, did I want another girl. Imagine the joy when my dream came true! Just young marrieds of one year, we don't know if there is another grandchild from Bethany and Ryan in our future. That's okay, when they are ready, we will be ready!

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CCK said...

Oh what fun! I won't say I'm envious, but I'm trying to be patient, and yes knitting and squirreling it away, for someday.
What great fun for you!!