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Have you ever been told by a yarn shop owner, "You can't crochet with that," as you are petting a yarn from the shelves wide-eyed and excited about what you want to create. It might be a little bumpy or loopy; is that why there is a perception that it can't be crocheted? Have you even been annoyed when you saw, "Knitting Yarn" on a skein label?

Thanks to the Craft Yarn Council of America a few years ago, much hard work went into changing that on the Big Box yarns. There may still be work to be done for the upscale yarns found in the LYS. My plan here is to post photos of unusual materials I have crocheted with. The idea was born out of my recent experience with "crocheting porcelain!" I made a business card holder with it and it is still cooling from the heat of the kiln.

I would love to hear what unusual materials YOU have crocheted with.

September 2008
Crocheting grapevine while it is still hanging to a tree:

Crocheted basket drying in sun

Gwen with crocheted basket:

Finished basket:


Vashti Braha said…
I can't wait to see your crocheted porcelain and unusual things other people have crocheted with. Cool blog topic!
Thanks, Vashti! How about you? What odd things have you crocheted with? Yesterday I saw 3 lengths of garden hose crocheted into a basket. I can't post the photo because it is likely to be in my Art Crochet book!
Anonymous said…
Hi Gwen -- After extensive study of the subject I have concluded that you can crochet with just about anything that can be cut into strips or strings. Here is the most fun thing I have seen out there. In the Museum of American Folk Art in NYC, they have prominently displayed an old circular crocheted rug by an anonymous person. It is marvelous to see, but even more marvelous when you read the plaque explaining that it is crocheted entirely out of Wonder Bread wrappers. I have my own Wonder Bread project in mind, but the hardest part will be eating sufficient Wonder Bread (and forcing my family to eat it too) to get enough material for my needs! -- Leslie Blackmon
BklynVonne said…
OMG...I've actually heard people ask if they crochet with a yarn that said knitting worsted on the label!!!

My response is if you can wrap it around a hook, you can crochet with it!!!

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