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June 2010 Lucky Magazine: "Romantic by definition, this vintagey textile gets a modern spin."

May 2010 Birthday card from Cro-friend, Josie."While not the most flattering payoff for crochet, at least now there is a card dedicated to our magnificent artform!"

"Another hour in therapy twenty years later."

April 2010 Lord & Taylor: "We all have our creature comforts..Some of us more than others."

Lucky Magazine: Autumn cashmere: Olive & Bette's: $188.00

March 2010 Crochet is alive and well this spring: Cro-Sightings from my beloved Josie. Sent as a birthday gift to me!
Fresh Step Kitty Litter:

Elle Decor: "Modular without being mechanistic; classic without being stiff." Grannys are alive and well too!

Vogue: Madonna in Gabbana:

Vogue: Dolce and Gabbana. Set: $3600.00

Elle Decor: Scalamandre:

Along Devon Avenue in Chicago: this is a common sight in the thriving Indian neighborhood

Chanel Dress $9,520.00

Marc Jacobs Jacket $5,900.00

February 2010 Harper's Bazaar

November 2009: Rodarte wool crochet dress, $3,450.00!

October 2009: Ad for Intensive Care Nursery

Crochet Saavy Chicago Judge Chicago Tribune, August 14, 2009

Wendy Donahue, Tribune Newspapers, June 28, 2009:
"Erin Rembert, 23, of Chicago, 'The hippie look is having an aesthetic revival. No updating is required for the maxi dresses I find in vintage shops. People are re-working materialism.' Hippie looks always rally in the sweaty months. But with Hair returning to Broadway, the Grateful Dead resurfacing, Phish reuniting and Woodstock's 40th anniversary approaching, the resurrection is more robust than usual, with crochet bags and trims, peasant tops, vests, ethnic embroideries and prints, fringe, tie-dye fabrics, denim cutoffs, peace-sign jewelry, braids, beads and boots. The prevailing vibe this time around: Tune in, try on - but turn away from a head-to-toe hippie homage. 'A modern approach, says Erica Strama, a fashion expert for the national shopping center chain Macerich, is to pair one or two 60s-inspired pieces, such as a graphic tank layered under a crochet vest, and keep the rest of one's attire modern, simple and unsentimental. Neo-hippies don't shun commerce and the establishment the way their forebears did. 'With good reason,' says Julia Chaplin, who wrote the new hippie-influecned book, Gypset Style. 'It's not the same as it was in the 60s and 70s, Chaplin said. 'We're in a moment in the culture with the economy and environment that we kind of need to work together. I think our establishment right now with [President Barack] Obama is so exciting and cool. Who would want to opt out of that?'"

July 2009-Missoni Dress $2,450.00 Harper'sBazaar

June 2009-HBO Guide

Armani Hat-Glamour Magazine
April 2009-Isabel Lucas, Amazing Crocheted Top, Elle Magazine

March 2009-Throw, perfectly blended

Duster from Boston Proper

December 2008 A crochet-style necklace strung with shiny jet-black beads transmits moody glamour. Arden B $38.00

September 2008
Bazaar Magazine-Crochet Leggings

Elle MagazineAlpaca Crochet Jumper by Maison Martin Margiela, $275.00

W Magazine August 2008-Crocheted Cotton and Resin chair by Marcel Wanters

September 2008-Cover of Parenting Magazine
Crocheted beads necklace

June 12, 2008
Dressed in crochet, Hanna Montana Tribute Singer performs at Schaumburg, IL Country Fair.

Crocheted LapTop

Mac & Jac Wear

"Hammy Sandwich" by Cynthis Rae Hector Chicago Tribune Magazine March 16, 2008

March 2008 W Magazine John Paul Gautier

March 2008 Bazaar Magazine Iceberg

Februrary 2008 In-Style Magazine

Crochet and Lace used in Food Section

February 2008 In-Style Magazine
Crochet motifs used in jewelry ad

May 2007
Elle Magazine says, "Playing Crochet" Designers opt for delicate to evoke a free-spirited charm."

Lucky Magazine, May 2007 Rebecca Virtue Swimwear

Oscar de la Renta Crocheted Tunic, $2,450. Vogue, April 2007

Baby Gap, Vogue Magazine April 2007

Rosie Bowl:Australian Cindy Lee Davies inspired by traditional lace.MET HOME December 2007

Israeli, Taliila Abraham's stainless steel bowl. MET HOME December 2007

Donna Wilson Doily Rug Lucky Magazine March 2006

Madonna on cover of Elle Magazine wearing Crocheted skull cap

2005-Vintage Cream-Colored Maillot from Gottex

Crochet is catching on all over the country on coolege campuses., Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX: "Crocheting the cool new thing" by Sarah Looten. "Daryl Hannah does it. So does Vanna White. Portia de Rossi and Courtney Thorne Smith do it too. The number of women who do it has doubled since 1996. All the cool girls are doing it! Curious? No, it's not naughty. We all crochet. And let me tell you, crocheting is all the rage today, For the longest time, crocheting has had such a boring, if not bad wrap. Baby blankets and lace doilies have been the norm There was always that horrid, ugly heap of yarn that was pretending to be a sweater received as a gift. But no longer. Today crocheting is chic. Instead of coarse yarn there is chenille, silk, mohair and so much more. Trendy groups are popping up and Sofia Coppola wrote it into 'Lost in Translation.'"

November 2004-Elle Magazine
"Crochet, Anyone? Crochet has come out of grandma's closet in a BIG way lately, playing a key role in some of spring's standout collections. And we're not just talking pretty girl cardigans or sweet circle skirts. No, the once demure craft has turned seriously sexy: witness Dior's sky-high stilettos and nearly everything on over the top designer runways. Would your grandmother approve? Hardly, but that's exactly the point."

Armani Exchange, Lucky Magazine, February

"An emerging body of products numbly straddle the divide between design and craft, mass production and hand work, being modern and being high touch. Here's a product that stood out at the Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC and it is based on crochet!"
Chicago Tribune, May

Kelly Clarkson, first American Idol Winner wears crochet at the Indianapolis State Fair, Indianapolis Star, August. Kelly's Album, "Miss Independent" Cover

2002 Retailers like Chicos, Anthropologie and Guess are regularly showing crochet fashion.

Beyonce and Britany Spears appear with CROCHET


November-Elle-Gemma Knits Crocheted Shawl $300.00

October-Crochet Featured in Weight Loss Ad

July-"Look of the Moment": Oscar de La Renta Camisole $1,600.00!

July-Gweneth Paltrow appears on the cover of Vogue draped in crochet!

March-Model appears on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine wearing sexy crochet!

SAK Purses evovled from advertising to art in 1999!

July-"We're still enamored with the 60's." says Joan Kaner, Sr. VP at Neiman Marcus. "It was the most modern period of dress in this century and it's not going away. It represents a breaking out of a mold, a freedom to wear a miniskirt one day, a mxi the next, beads on the third day and fring on the fourth. It's a season to express yourself."
Anna Sui
October-Cosmopolitan Magazine-"Just Like Homemade. This fall, designer detailing takes on an arts-and-crafts feel with crochet, needlework, applique and more.

November-Teen People Magazine-Cristina Aguilera in Dolce & Gabbana


July-Madonna wearing Crochet
August-YM Magazine-Shorts in Crochet

September-Halter Dress by Lainy Keogh $3,170

September-Renee Zellwegger in Crochet

October-"Fetish" Makeup Ad in Seventeen Magazine
Winter-Caroline Herrera Design-

Dolce & Gabbana Jacket-$1,970.00

Crochet on Cosmo Cover

How cool is that? Crochet and computer! Halter top by Celine, as seen in Elle; $640.00

Moschino Coutre Crochet Skirt and Tank Top-$1,724.00

Vanna White: Crochet's Biggest Fan!

Crochet Bellbottoms by Natalie D.-$148.00

Chicago Designer, Sheila Schiller, uses vintage buttons on crochet handbags


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