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Kudos to the Queen!

Shout-Outs can be found by clicking the link or continuing below:
August, 2015: Wonderful review of my book in ArtWear Publications:
April 25, 2015-Point Pleasant Daily Register-Karen Buffington reviews my book:
December 16, 2014-Awesome Crochet Blogger Award for "Best Crochet Interviews" presented by Crochet Concupiscence.

October 2013-Amy Solovay is running a lovely ad about my book on her website.

July 24, 2014: 

I was inducted into the Jean Leinhauser CGOA Hall of Fame! Thank you so much to all who voted for me this year. It was a thrill and and honor to receive this recognition and I was doubled excited that it happened during this, the 20th Anniversary of CGOA kick-off of the Chain Link Crochet Conference in Manchester, NH.

At the CGOA Booth in the Marketplace

July 19, 2014: Review of My Book on CGOA Now

May 2014: Yarn Market News reviewed my book:

April 25, 2014: Kristi Simpson Blog artice: Interview with CGOA Founder, Gwen B. Kinsler
April 1-16, 2014: The Fine Art of Crochet Blog Tour ~ Fantastic reviews by outstanding bloggers.
Winter 2014: Review of my book in Interweave Crochet: 

January 31, 2014: The folks at did a fantastic review of my book. I'm so honored!
December 30, 2013: Awesome Crochet Blogger Awesome Crochet Blogger Award "Best Newsletter: Talking Crochet"

December 19, 2013: Sheila Glazov, author of What Color is Your Brain suggested my book. 
December 9, 2013-Review of the Fine Art of Crochet by Stefanie Goodwin Ritter
December 6, 2013-Awesome Crochet Bloggers Award "B:est Guest Posts"

October 28, 2013-Review of The Fine Art of Crochet by Kristi Simpson
September 23, 2013-Tanya McGuire Lampwork likes what I make with her cabochons.
September 22, 2013-Crochet Addict  reviewed my book on her blog:
September 22, 2013-Ali Campbell of Get Hooked on Crochet took a serious look at my book and here is her review:
September 9, 2013-An extensive review of my book, The Fine Art of Crochet, by Kathryn Vercillo at Crochet Concupiscense
-August 26, 2013-A lovely article, "Crochet in Contemporary Art" by Dora Ohrenstein, Editor of Talking Crochet eNewsletter
-December, 2011-Awesome Crochet Bloggers Award: "Best Free Form Crochet"

-July 14, 2011-"An Interview with Crochet's Queen Regnant, Gwen Blakley Kinsler" by the Underground Crafter


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