Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Book Review: Poetic Crochet ~ 20 Shawls Inspired by Classic Poems by Sara Kay Hartmann

Poetic Crochet
I often say about crochet, “There is nothing new under the sun,” because I’ve been at it for over forty years! 
Theme books like this book's title intrigue me because again, it is difficult for me to find books that offer truly new and creative twists to all the crocheting I’ve done over these many years. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Art to Wear Exhibit: WomanMade Gallery, Chicago

WomanMade Gallery: 685 N. Milwaukee, Chicago
Yes, my specialty is crochet, and yes I am the author of the Fine Art of Crochet: Innovative Works from Twenty Contemporary Artists. However, I love fiber in all of its forms and Art-To-Wear is no exception. The Art Wear movement established firm roots in the decade of the eighties with the publication of Julie Schafler Dale's incredible book, Art To Wear.

Dana Balwin: Wild & Wooly Bride, lamblocks, embroidered, beaded, felted

Deborah Hirshfield: Triumverate of Maladies, silk, dye, wood, thread, wool roving
Deborah Hirschfield: Untitled
Melis Agabigum: When You Told Me to Go Along, I Should Have Asked How Far, coppper, powdercoat, waxed cotton
Suzanne Peterson: The Weight of Overindulgence, glass, nicket, video
Cydney Lewis: Blackberry Necklace, plastic bags

Dawna Davis: Elizabethan's Treasure, wire

The above work is the closest they came to choosing a "crochet-like" piece! There was a tatted work, but I didn't photograph it.
Dagmara Nogalska Costello: Lady G

Monica Guerra: Milagros Feet
Bonus: exquisite architecture & clear Chicago sky
Bonus 2: preserving Chicago architecture
Broaden your horizons: be on the look out for all kinds of fiber art shows. You might even run into a cnocheted piece of art now and again and for sure a lovely sky to gaze at too!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Book Review: Customize Your Crochet by Margaret Hubert

Customize Your Crochet

Prolific author of popular crochet books, Margaret Hubert, has once again produced a “sure to please” book that will be used over and over by readers as a reference for achieving form-fitting fashions! Margaret’s description in the introduction: "This book is a guide that will help you crochet garments to fit your measurements and your style, expertly finished so you will be proud to wear them,” truly describes the expert advice the reader will find within.

If you are someone who often finds yourself apologizing, (I only make afghans), then this book will give you the courage to expand your skills and to find the fun in garment making. Precise in its step-by-step layout, Margaret's detailed explanations show how to crochet a cardigan sweater with variations that describe how to fit each of the 4 classic body shapes: rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle, and hourglass.

This is not your typical pattern book in that there are only 4 cardigan designs along with a bonus crop top in the finishing section. 

Cathie's Crop Top

However, the wealth of knowledge inside goes beyond a basic good fit. Diagrams and illustrations are used throughout and step-by-step photography shows the details for garment construction, specific increases, decreases and other shaping methods, as well as finishing techniques and embellishments.


Using Customize Your Crochet as your guide will sustain you through many, many hours of joyful and successful garment making! Available from Creative Publishing International, this book retails for $22.99.